Information Regarding BlackBerry OS6 for the 9700

Posted on Sep 20 2010 - 9:30am by

Before I go into the information that was passed onto us, let me just make sure you understand we DO NOT have an OS to leak or share out.  That being said, yesterday I received a tip from one of our informants regarding BlackBerry OS6 for the 9700 that should make most of you at least a little excited.
We have been made aware that TMobile US is actively testing OS6 for the 9700, and have already failed 3 versions,, .131, and .209.  From what we are told they are currently testing version  Now, the questions arise.  While its a good sign they are testing the OS, does that mean they will release it?  We feel they will.  With failed versions already pushed aside, we believe this is a good sign they want to get the OS out to devices.  We also know they will eventually offer the 9780 which will launch with OS6.  So here is the question(s) that need to be answered still.  When will they finally release OS6?  Will it come before, at, or after the 9780 launch?  And how well will it actually perform?
What do you think knowing that they are not only testing, but aggressively testing the latest and greatest OS from RIM?  Do you feel this is a good sign, or do you feel the 9780 launch will keep them from pushing this out to their users?
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