Shots Of Nexus One Running Android OS 2.3

Posted on Oct 27 2010 - 12:07pm by

We told you we were working on getting even more screens of Android OS 2.3, so we thought for all you naysayers, how about pictures of an actual Nexus One running Google’s latest OS?  Well here you have it!  From what we know OS 2.3 is going to be the latest release from Google for Android devices, with the Nexus One looking to get it first (the Nexus One is still used for development and testing).  All the past information we told you remains, such as much improved battery life and a green “theme” to the notification bar icons.  Hit the jump for 2 more pictures of the Nexus One system information screen.

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  • soooo..3 posts of an easily fakeable screenshot huh? it MUST be true!

  • if you look closely you’ll see that this is not nexus one. hardware is different than the real one. i wonder what is this handset

  • Yes it is a Nexus One, quite obviously so. It’s just in a case.

    Easily faked screen-shot indeed, and why the censoring of the build, baseband and kernel versions?

  • Oh nice, thanks for your information!