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Today Google announced the Cr-48, Google’s first ever Chrome OS run laptop. So my offering to you great folks is me scouring the internets to find out everything I could about the Cr-48 and bring it to you in one simple post. Now you don’t have to look everywhere to find out all the goodness that is the Google Chrome Laptop.

First lets start with the fact that there more than likely will not be a public release of a Chrome branded laptop prior to mid 2011. Whill I’m sad to hear that it will give me something to look forward to for Christmas in July, There will be a Chrome OS pilot program starting soon though. Initially the Chrome notebooks will be Intel powered devices made by Samsung and Acer. Sundar Pichai, Google’s VP of product management said that Chrome OS  “can span a wider variety of devices,form factors, underlying chip architectures.” Makes ir very promising that we will be able to select from multiple manufacturers, and different chip makers.

Next lets take a look at the form factor the Cr-48 is taking. The initial device with incorporate a 12.1 in screen with a full sized keyboard. There is also a oversized click-able touch pad. There will be a 3G chip from Qualcomm for Verizon data in the US, and take your pick for international data. There is also 802.11 n dual-band WiFi. A web cam is also included. Battery life is said to be 8 hours of continuous use and 8 days of standby time. Data storage will be of the Flash variety. It also appears that there is not Cap Lock key and no function keys. Instead Cap Lock is replaced with a Search Button and the function keys are Apple Keyboard-style actions.

Styling wise the device is totally unbranded and matte black. Personally I wish all laptop/netbooks should look like that. Not much else to cover on that topic.

Google is saying that Chrome OS is the most secure OS in the world. Very great feature if that can be confirmed.  They say that Chrom OS gets faster over time, not slower. I believe in part that this is due to the fact that Goolge’s Omnibox remembers you history and after awhile web pages can be loaded with the touch of one single key.  Chrome OS  also has a overhauled V8 which they say can run complex JavaScript programs up to twice as fast as before. Chrome OS comes with automatic updates that occur without any human interaction. Apps will be available via the just announced via the Chrome Web Store (more on this at a later date).

My opinion as of now is there is a long way to go before this becomes a mainstream device. Google has already said that there is no USB support as of yet. They also said they need to tune performance and fix bugs. Providing that Google gets those issues fixed and either has large internal storage or support for external hard drives, and the possibility of adding either a internal DVD drive or support for external one. I believe the Web App Store will grow quickly just as the Android Market has. If these devices come reasonably priced and packed with as many if not more features than conventional laptop/netbooks do than there will be a very strong market for Chrome OS devices. I’m going to assume that the initial devices will probably be released by Verizon as they have 3G CDMA cards in them. Hopefully they will be subsidized at a low price like the current netbooks are.

Stay tuned to GIZMOFUSION.COM for all the updates you or I can handle for the Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook.



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