Exclusive: Google Music Store Coming To Gingerbread?

Posted on Jan 14 2011 - 8:39am by

For you folks that would like an easy way to buy and sync/download music from your PC to your Android phone, you may be in luck very soon.   From the image we see above that was just sent to us you can see the words “Sync Music”.  Now, I personally have never seen that option yet, and considering this is from a build of Gingerbread, could it be that Google will be releasing their own version of iTunes very soon, and for Gingerbread?

First off, we would think that most, if not all, versions of Android will get this feature.  Why limit your user-base.  So users on Froyo (and for you unfortunates of Eclair still) I think its safe to say you will see this feature as well.  Second the rumors regarding a Google music store have been floating around for a while now so its only a matter of time we think.

So what do you think?  Will we see a Google Music Store soon, or maybe a music addition in the Android Marketplace?

Thanks Andrew!

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