Breaking News: HTC Thunderbolt Shipping to Verizon Stores!

Posted on Feb 27 2011 - 12:19pm by Bryan


Well if the tip we just got is correct, it looks like those of you waiting on 4G LTE front facing camera new Sense UI goodness shouldnt have to wait much longer.  We just got word that Verizon plans on receiving shipments of the TBolt as early as next week, and sales could start within days after stock is moved into stores.  So who out there plans on being a day 1 TBolt owner?

Thanks anonymous!

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  • ME! really excited now! thanks for the post! eagerness! lol

  • Kalin Lucas

    I hope this is true I have been waiting way to long for this phone

  • Jon

    I really want this phone! I hope this isn’t just another stupid rumor to get my hopes up!

  • I may regret letting myself get excited over yet ANOTHER rumored release date, but…

    ME ME ME!!!!!!

  • Bruce H Storm Online

    can not wait to get rid of my citrus phone for the htc thunderbolt, I preorder mine from best buy on the 10th of feb

  • Rudimentalking09

    alright so i mean im ready to get me a thunderbolt as well but im trying to stay calm and not get all excited just in case the phone does come out next week or whatever and have glitches or any other mishaps so im basically stayin cautious but other wise im so ready to get this phone too

  • seeteedub

    I’m not following for that again. What is this..the sixth or seventh false release report? I’m getting tired of all the BS hype…

    • seeteedub


  • I’ve already moved on from the Thunderbolt – these ridiculous push backs aren’t worth my frustration anymore
    Now I’m counting down the days until the Droid Incredible S (Incredible S to some) is released

    • If you dont care about 4G speeds, and are good with 3G/WiFi (which honestly 90% of people would be) the Incredible S will be amazing :)

  • i’m sure i’ll be there release day getting mine

  • Johnnycatsmooth

    i like the thunderbolt and it will be mine after i eat some more tacos for breakfast on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Better be for real this time!!!!

  • Better be for real this time!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I cant take this any more The date today is 3/3/11

  • Anonymous

    I cant take this any more The date today is 3/3/11

  • Cbourassa

    I am sick and tired of waiting for a stupid phone, verizon is stupid to make anybody wait for after the launch of I pad two, but what they don’t know is no body cares about I pad two its old news and with the tablets from verizon there smoking the I pad anyways because of no restictions that apple has, so go out by a droid x and it will work just fine for now, and by the time
    any better phone comes out you can just up grade your device.