Rep. Edward Markey Watching ATT New Data Caps Closely

Posted on Mar 16 2011 - 10:55am by Bryan


In an odd twist to the usual it looks as though someone on the Hill is ready to at least stand up and ask some serious questions to content providers, such as ATT, regarding their new data caps.  Mr. Markey feels that the new data caps may very well do more harm then good, such as hurting competition and lower adoption rates for broadband services.

[quote]”I am concerned that charging more for increased usage would raise prices for some consumers and potentially lead to lower broadband adoption levels. This would undermine our broadband goals as outlined in the National Broadband Plan while undercutting our global competitiveness, and I will be closely monitoring this decision.”[/quote]

We hope they decide to start asking tougher questions though, such as how ATT came to their cap amount and if ATT can show raw data that proves their network takes any kind of hit what so ever from using bandwidth.



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