Thunderbolt vs Bionic vs Play vs Stealth V

Posted on Mar 8 2011 - 3:15pm by Ben Oaks

Well, it’s that time of year again for me to start looking for my new personal cell phone. This time around I’m going to be switching from BlackBerry to Android. Looking through the soon to be released Android lineup on Verizon I was quite impressed. I figured since I did the work already I might as well share it with you. Take a look after the jump for the comparisons.

Name Thunderbolt Bionic Xperia Play Stealth V
Manufacturer HTC Motorola Sony Ericsson Samsung
Screen Size 4.3” WVGA TFT capacitive touch screen 4.3″ qHD capacitive touch screen 4″ TFT capacitive screen 4.3 inch touch screen with Super  AMOLED display
Screen Resolution 480 x 800 540 x 960 854 x 480 480 x 800
Processor 1GHz Snapdragon 1GHz dual core 1GHz Scorpion ARMv7 1Ghz Samsung Hummingbird
Camera Rear Facing 8MP Front 1.3 MP Rear Facing 8MP Front 0.3MP VGA Rear Facing 5MP Rear Facing 8MP  Front 1.3MP
Battery 1400 mAh 1930 mAh 1500 mAh 1500 mAh
OS Android 2.2 Android 2.2 Android 2.3 Android 2.2
Carrier Verizon Verizon Verizon Verizon
Network CDMA 800,1900 LTE 700 CDMA 800,1900 LTE 700 CDMA 800,1900 CDMA 850, 1900 LTE 700
Form Factor Candy Bar Candy Bar Candy Bar w/ Slide Out Game Pad Candy Bar
Memory 8GB internal + 32GB microSD card Preinstalled 16 GB internal 400MB internal + 8GB microSD card Preinstalled unknown
Bluetooth Yes v2.1 Yes v2.1 Yes v2.1 unknown
Wi-Fi Yes  802.11 b/g/n Yes 802.11 b/g/n Yes 80.211 b/g/n unknown
HDMI Output No Yes v1.4 No unknown
DLNA Yes Yes Yes unknown



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  • Damn you boaks…. I was actually writing up something similar because I’m weighing my options for a new phone.. where we sit right now, i’m voting Bionic because by the time of release it will be at Android 2.3 or 2.4 .. and it’s a tegra2 which makes a huge difference against those other options.

    • sorry man. your more than welcome to use it or add to it here. I’m still not sure what the heck to get.

    • ahh but what about Netflix? Maybe you might not be a big netflix fan, but lots of others are, and it appears it will be locked down to Snapdragon processor devices only for the time being. Will be interesting to see what happens with that

  • Will

    Where do future phones like the Droid X and Incredible S stock up against these bad boys? Looking for a good reason to skip out on BB :)

  • Where do future phones like the Droid X and Incredible S stock up against these bad boys? Looking for a good reason to skip out on BB :)

    • Honestly, unless you absolutely need 4G service, or can be near a charger on and off through the day, then stick with one of the new 3G droids coming out very soon. The Inc S, DroidX2, Droid 3, ect.. Lots of options in the near future. Something RIM cant say what so ever :)

  • I agree. I’m still not sold on dual core making that much of a difference on cell phones right now anyway. I thinks the phones would start stumbling on themselves with bigger processors

  • I’m aware of the netflix angle, qualcomm has that pretty well locked up. I’m a fan of what Nvidia is doing and the tegra platform. The consumption rates are actually lower because of how it handles everything so in comparison to a 1ghz snapdragon the 1ghz dual core tegra2 actually uses less power when running normal apps and such. I’m not concerned with the 4G aspect because I’m never really going to get 4G here in Connecticut at least not for a year or so…

    • Agreed, Tegra2’s are nice. Now, those new quad-core Tegra’s… ;) hmmm

  • Jcampbell474

    This site loads mobile on my Droid, as it should. But, it only shows the TB and some of the Bionic in the comparison. Think the content could be formatted to view on mobile phones?

  • I hope the Thunderbolt gets here soon. My 9550 needs a break.

  • Hi! I read your report and I want to said it is good imformation. I like it and I appreciate your effort. Thank you very…much! (^-^)