PS Vita 3G Downloads Limited To 20 MB

Posted on Sep 30 2011 - 4:26pm by Bryan

Sony isn’t Amazon, everyone knows that. Like Sony was going to give free unlimited 3G service, that would have been awesome, but unfortunately that isn’t happening. Now, we have heard that there will be a 20 MB limitation on 3G downloads. This is the same limitation as the iOS App Store 3G. So it looks like you wont be able to get any full games downloaded on 3G, unless they are really small.

The Sony employee who did confirm this information for that Japanese website did admit that the limit may be raised or dropped entirely. We only hope.

Source Andriasang


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  • I think it came from countries where they have fixed download limits and if you exceed those you have to pay lots of money for every kilobyte but I still don’t get why they make a limit for everyone?   Hope this wasn’t true but well… thats sony. Every time they do something right they think of new ways to fail just to have to fix it later on.