Review: Pix-Star FotoConnect XD Wi-Fi Photo Frame – Insanely Amazing!

Posted on Sep 7 2011 - 12:13am by Bryan

The new Pix-Star PXT510WR02 FotoConnect XD is the newest Wi-Fi & Email Photo frame from Pix-Star. It has the ability to send and receive photo-emails directly to and from the frame. It has the capability to display 800 x 600 resolution photos on its 10.4 inch screen with a 4:3 ratio. It is loaded with features accessible from its main menu. You can read all the content on your frame really easily!

When registering your frame, you are given a personalized email address This service is totally FREE of charge.

It has a very beautiful sleek black design that will fit any type of décor. It’s incredibly easy to set up and configure. The interface is magnificent. So user friendly, you can tell they really worked on making this product stand out!

It even includes a built-in spam blocker so you are protected from unsolicited pictures. So no worries, you aren’t going to have pictures of Viagra on your picture frame!

The Pix-Star can also display pictures stored inside web albums or RSS feeds. It supports more than 20 providers including Picasa, Facebook, Smugmug, FlickR, etc… What you have to do is just to “link” your web album to the frame using the web interface and in a few minutes it starts to display your pictures from Picasa or Facebook, automatically, easy!

Even features a web radio player which allows you to play radio from all around the world. This is a really cool and welcome feature.

Comes of course, with a remote control allowing you to control your frame from a distance.

Customer support is truly amazing, quick fast and very responsive. The web interface was a breeze to use and is very user friendly. They offer a lot of firmware updates to the device on a regular basis, introducing brand new features that enhance overall usability.

I personally think the nicest thing about the Pix-Star frame is you don’t have to constantly be hooked up to your computer and upload pictures to the frame. The frame does all the work for you. Connecting effortlessly to web albums and having updated pictures on the fly is a real treat!

Recently launched by Pix-Star was their Pix-Star 2.0 Android application.

It can, once install perform the following:

Access your frame or your family members’ frame content stored inside, including all web albums not only Pix-Star album but also all RSS albums (Picasa, Facebook, etc…) that have been linked to the frame;

From the mobile phone when you are in the camera mode you can directly share pictures to the Pix-Star frames configured inside the app;

This application supports multiple frames login/access meaning that from 1 single app from your mobile you can access several Pix-Star frames;

You can launch a slide show on your phone of your frame albums. The slide show is configurable with many type of transitions, slide duration and random mode.

It is available on the Android Market for free here:

Overall, I have to say, I have never seen anything quite like the Pix-Star photo frames before! Truly amazing, it wowed me from the moment I opened the box and plugged it in.

Overall, I am going to give the Pix-Star PXT510WR02 FotoConnect XD a 5/5 rating. Job well done!

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