Sprint Vision Network Enhancements: EvDO Rev B, 1X Advanced, Much Faster 3G Speeds On The Way

Posted on Sep 8 2011 - 8:29am by Bryan

Well well well look at what we have found for you folks that are on Sprint.  We are not quite certain if this video was posted early or not, as Sprints big network/3G/4G conference is not until next month, but from the look of things their network enhancements are already well underway.  What should you expect as a Sprint customer?  How about EvDO Rev B which should see speeds in the 5 to 10Mbps down link depending on channel bonding, 1X Advanced which brings voice and data at the same time, as well as spectrum bonding to bring the best coverage available.  Even better, Evo 3D and Epic Touch 4G users may be able to take advantage of this very soon.t  Lets not forget who brought to you some pretty exclusive stuff regarding their “network vision” well before this was all announced.

When should all this be done?  We dont know but the conference next month should give everyone a better idea. Hit the break for the video.


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  • Riley624

    thanks for this. I hope it’s the real deal :)

  • Jsmith

    If Sprint keeps offering unlimited data this is HUGE.   My fear is they start tiering/capping concurrent with these upgrades.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry about sprint they have planned this for years and right now is the time. They future proofed the evo 3d and the photon 4g as well as the epic touch 4g and all that will be needed is a software update and we will be off to the races. People who want to hate on sprint go right ahead nine times out of ten we have blown right past all those corny devices on the other networks…