Windows 8: New Way To Shutdown your computer, step-by-step guide

Posted on Sep 14 2011 - 5:20pm by Bryan

I have gotten a few questions on how to turn off your computer in Windows 8. While the old XP/Vista/Windows 7 functionality has been removed, it’s now in a different place, and yes, its now “Metro” of course.

So to turn off your computer

a) Click the “Start” button

b) Select “Settings” like above.

c) Select “Power” like shown below:

d) A little popup will appear, select if you wish to Restart, Shutdown or Sleep your computer

And there you go. Hopefully Microsoft will make it more friendly where the shut down button is. Can someone say “cue the support calls.”


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  • Steve

    thank you for this.  couldn’t figure it out, completely unintuitive.

    • jonathanyaniv

      Not a problem! It took me a little while to find it when I first installed. There are so many things new with Windows 8, I think I am going to do quite a few of these posts..

  • TJ

    Thanks. My computer’s been on two days straight now, due to the inconvenient placement of the power button.

  • Brian Long

    thanks, even though I’m running it as a VM, it’s nice to know the “proper” way to shut down

  • I haven’t tried Windows 8 before. Compared to this in Windows 7, way to shutdown in Windows 8 is a little unfavorable.

  • Tomen1

    there is no start button

  • Nikolay

    You could also hit the windows button type shut down in the settings search section and it should appear

  • tirnaog

    After I used that shutdown option on my netbook, I noticed it hadn’t really shut it down.
    More like sleep mode or something. My wireless light was still on and the Physical power btn was still lit. This nearly 20 monutes after I told it to shutdown. Had to hold down the power btn.
    If I hadn’t seen the wireless light the netbook would have been on in the case.

  • Martin H

    I hate windows 8 big-time. They keep making things more complicated without a good reason. Macs are so much better and logic-simple machines/ Shame on you Bill Gates!