Giveaway: Win A Brand New Linksys E4200 V2 From Cisco!

Posted on Feb 20 2012 - 8:20am by Team GizmoFusion

Contest time again!  Cisco/Linksys have recently released their latest wireless home router, the E4200 V2, and while we are currently working on a review they were kind enough to give us a second one to giveaway to you folks!  We thought it would be fun to do the giveaway while we test this bad boy out.  Interested in winning one of the best home routers on the market?  Check the rules below.

  1. You must leave a comment on this post.  If you follow the bonus below make sure to put your social network username/link so we can verify you.  The bonus grants you one extra entry.

Bonus: Tweet/Post this to your social networks: @gizmo_fusion is giving away a Linksys/Cisco E4200 V2 router! Click here to enter: #gizmofusion #linksys #contest

The contest will run until Friday March 2nd where a winner will be announced. Good luck!

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  • Andrew

    This would certainly be a useful prize to win.  I also tweeted here:!/alee67/status/171586245028364289

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Griz054

    I’ve got an older cisco router and this would be great to win.

  • Would love to win an awesome piece of equipment like this.

    Twitter: @midnght69

  • I’m a Linksys guy so yeah I would LOVE to win this and upgrade from my old G router.

  • griz054
  • I would love to win this router, would be needed for all my devices I have in the office. Pick Me!

  • Al

    Great giveaway. My router is still from the stone age!

    Tweeted with my account: @DontJudgeMyADD


  • Zotz

    Love Cisco gear. This one looks impressive!

  • This would be awesome to win!  Thank you for the opportunity :)

  • ellory
  • Countyline


  • Bpgaida

    This would be a fantastic item to win. My current router is so old, it predates the internet. ;)
    My twitter ID is @AlbertaOil69

  • ralphwiggum1
  • Air_plane

    Cisco is best brand of network routers.

  • This is timely! 3 weeks ago I bought the first version of this exact router and boy does it work! Would love to win the newer version ;-)

  • Cindaddy

    Nice!  I would love this for my streaming devices. 


  • This would be sweet! @ SushiandLemons  

  • Lisamcf72

    cisco makes quality products

  • Maddmaxx308

    Epic. My current router is dying slowly but surely.
    Also tweeted. @maddmaxx308

  • Hobbitjean

    This would solve so many problems for me and I think it is a fantastic giveaway and I am saying thank you regardless if I win or lose. I also FB and Twittered.

  • truss
  • Joey

    Hope I win.

  • peppers

    That is one slick-looking router!

    twitter handle: @edwardcnn

  • Trasina McGahey

    My router drops the signal at least once a day. ugh! This would be great!


  • Amy

    this would be great!! we are currently having problems with our router, so this would be perfect~!

  • I could totally use an upgrade

  • Amy!/dropastitch/status/171690313084190721

  • Amy
  • Great prize! I could really use this.

    Twitter: @ilRadd:twitter  –!/ilRadd/status/171692241541267456

  • cool gadget thanks.

  • Thanks! would love to win this!! Also Tweeted. @SunnyC17

  • I am ready, willing and able to accept this prize. Go ahead, make my day!

  • Kandymaxi

    nice product

  •  I cou;d really use a new router for all the stuff I do like host websites.

  • Debbie Bashford

    Would love to win this as my router just died on Saturday I tweeted too!/skeetersden/status/171724955401203712

  • I would love to win this!  My twitter handle is @superschaley:disqus 

  • bata99

    I have an older Cisco router and love it, but I would love to have a new one! Thanks for the opportunity. Tweeted as well @biza5 

  • starzlife
  • starzlife


  • I could definitely use this!

    twitter:  @contestsjo:disqus

  • Oh My … I need one asap!

  • This is a great giveaway! I am looking to migrate from 802.11g to 802.11n network.

  • Richard Yamamoto

    Need a new router.  This one would be great.

  • hope to win good giveaway, would love to try

  • Linda Bundrick

    The  Cisco/Linksys wireless home router E4200 V2 looks like an amazing router to connect all my wireless gadgets !! twitter follower : @nutmeg237 :)

  • Drewster_5

    all my buddys that i play with will be happy if my connection is better :)!/profile.php?id=787379253

  • AJ Czarnecki

    This would be great to have for my K-8 school who I am setting up a wireless network for so they can use the iPad 2s anywhere.

  • sharkya

    I tweeted @sharkya:twitter 

  • My router is like Dixie cups and string! Sloooooow.

  • Thanks for the giveaway! Tweeted @KevEndow as well.

  • my wifi is weak even thought im paying $60/month and my providers takes forever to contact… hopefully a new router can solve my problem

    ps tweeted:!/miketengg/status/172105791497715712

  • mefink

    I really could use a new router,this would be great!
    Tweeted @mefink:disqus!/mefink/status/172113722146439169

  • i would love to get  a new wireless router as things are now i dont make enough to afford one.. i am working minimum wage and am working with 802.11B it is super slow and annoying..!/STLCARDINALS201
    jacob62640@gmail:twitter .com


  • Please?!?

  • bhaines23

    Very slick looking!

  • ddx155

    I could use a new router, I am still using an old “G” router

  • altheajj

    I have an older router.  Would be nice to have a more powerful one.  This one is nice and sleek.

  • Thanks for offering a great giveaway! I also tweeted @meredithbjones:twitter 

  • HaleyP

    I like you on Facebook

    Great Giveaway!

  • Andrea Henry

    I need this router

  • Andrea Henry

    I tweeted         @   cadenhenry

  • tiflauren

    Love my router, be awesome if i got an updated one!

  • Autumn


  • Doris Risner

    I really hope to win! It looks so cool!

  • shauron

    I could really use this

  • Margaret Konczal

    Hey I’d like to win!

  • Rachel

    This router looks cool, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Kristy Elmore

    This is sweet my hubby dreams of having this router!

  • melinda tarrant


  • I’d love to win this

  • talonts

    Will this one allow TRULY turning off WPS, I wonder…I hope so, as I could really use it

    Tweeted = @talonts

  • Could definitelu use this.

    FYI, this page is broken in Chrome Canary, no way to comment.

    tweeted – @Mic_Burton:disqus 

  • Krista

    I could really use a new router.  Thanks for the contest!

  • This is great!

  • Great Giveaway I tweeted from @traviscannon319:disqus 

  • susansmoaks

    this would be so wonderful!

  • Could definitely use a new router, mine is ancient. I tweeted @ughimhere 

  • I WON!!!!

  • this would be awesome!

  • I’ve been reading allot about this router, sure would be nice to take it for a spin.!/ramaducha/status/172865934275510272

  • kcd

    our router is really slow and can’t handle all our needs.

  • Y2

    great prize…can use a new router.

  • Ty

    This is exactly what I need. I would love to test it out myself. I cant wait to read the review!

  • Rise Isom

    Thanks for the chance Rise Isom fb

  • @adama2006 My router is on its last leg, it need to be power cycled daily to work right.

  • Chuckz28

    Even if I don’t win this I might end up buying one. Reviews look pretty good.

  • Louis

    I like the slime design
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Louis

    I tweeted your giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Kendraco22

    great giveaway and a needed item thanks

  • lrdsouza

    I would like a free router.

    Twitter @lrdsouza

  • I have an old Linksys router and would love to win this to replace it!  I tweeted about the contest too.  @jaydude28:twitter 

  • SemiAutoAZ

    I would greatly appreciate this prize! Thank you!


  • So the thing for me here is that I really need this router. Between work, kids and everything else I need something that will perform and not just lkook good. I have a NetGear that is under performing and my home is too large.

    My twitter is @retiredbiguy. I used to be 356lbs and now I try to post things to help people lose weight. But I will definitely post this on my twitter as well.

  • im a fan on twitter @MCJUNKIE and so excited to be here.

  • I need this – spring is coming!

  • Cisco and Linksys.  two great names.   Tweeted by @LifestylesPC and shared on Facebook

  • I don’t have any router now so I crave this Linksys .  It’s a beaut.  Thanks.   

  • I really love your site and all the valuable information I learn.