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Posted on Feb 1 2012 - 11:40am by Team GizmoFusion


We have been teasing this for a little while now on our social networks (which can be found HERE HERE and HERE), so its time to stop teasing and time to do what could be our best giveaway yet!  This is a HUGE chance to win Sony’s latest PS portable, the PSP Vita, as soon as its released.  Hit the break for all the rules and details.

Since this is a HUGE giveaway for us we are going to require a few extra steps for a chance to win Sony’s PSP Vita.  After the rules, we just have a few details so make sure to read everything carefully.

  1. The first and biggest step is that you MUST leave a comment in this post.  This is a requirement.
  2. You MUST follow us on one of our 3 big social network accounts.  There is Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Please find them in the sidebar and make sure to follow AT LEAST one.  Put your social network name or link in your comment for this post so we can verify you.
  3. Copy and paste the following to your social network(s): Enter to win a PSP Vita from #gizmofusion! Click Here: #pspvita #contest #giveaway

This last step is “extra credit”.  Each step you follow earns you one extra entry into the giveaway.

  • Register on the site by CLICKING HERE.  When you finish registration, make sure to have 10 minimum posts on the FORUM.  Doing so will grant you one extra entry.

This contest is for the US, Canada, and UK only.  The winner will receive shipping of the PSP Vita as soon as its released in their region.  We will pick a winner using on Friday February 17th.  Remember, do the extra step to gain an extra entry.  Good luck!

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  • Shawn Stover

    This would be awesome to win!!! Thank you for the opportunity :)

    • k olubummo

      Thank you for the competition I hope I win. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to come I really want it because I don’t have a console

  • eric miller

    I would really love to win.

    • Lou

       Thank you for the opportunity :)

  • j0hn

    Entered! @nunya2oo7

  • Andrew Falcioni

    Epic contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol Moore

    This is an awesom contest.My son would love this new PSP. Good Luck to all.
    My facebook name is Carol Moore.

  • Jessiwoww

    Awesome contest!! I’m already a fan on Facebook, and here’s my profile:

    Pick me! :)

  • Aaron

    Great contest! Would be great to win!

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    I want to win!

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    Google+ name is Sara Zielinski

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    I want to win!

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  • Chad Murphy

    This is awesome! I love you guys.

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    Very cool! Count me in please!

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  • Andrew

     I followed you on all three, as @alee67:twitter on Twitter, and Andrew Lee on Facebook and Google+.  Thanks for this great giveaway!

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    Great Contest! Thanks as always!

    I want to win!facebook: Twitter name is polar135Google+ is

  • Xaltir

    Pick me!

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    Facebook: Joseph Dent
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  • Ty Pier

    Come on everyone! Spread the word get your friends on! The more comments we get the more giveaways to come!!

  • Jennifer Allen-Phillips

    My son would be thrilled if I won this. Of course he would have to get it out of my hands first :D Jennifer Phillips FB!/jenni104/status/164789447790047233 @jenni104 twitter

  • Tracey Byram

    I follow on FB and posted on my wall-!/permalink.php?story_fbid=245640598845264&id=627760565

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    Sweet, I would love to win this.

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  • Corey Robertson

    I would so replace my 3ds with this bad boy.

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  • Justin Forsythe

    Would love to win this!  

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    I am not having any luck via Taco Bell so this is the next best thing. Thanks.

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  • Univ Advancing Tech

    Great contest! I just followed you on Twitter and my twitter name is geek_university!

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    This would be awesome

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    So awesome….would love to win!!

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    this would be awesome

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    It is going to be a very long two weeks waiting to hear that I won. :)
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  • Anonymous

    Woo! Would be nice to win this… trying to win the bundle via Taco Bell and i don’t think my poor insides can take much more of that haha – posted the link on my facebook… will cross my fingers :)!/profile.php?id=763219292

  • Matt Anderson

    Here’s hoping this one will be mine –
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    Nice contest. Twitter:eternalfrost

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    Great giveaway!  

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  • Mrsmere

    My nephew has one of these and loves it.  Thanks!  @mrsmere66:disqus

  • Youngin’

    thanks for the opportunity!  

    twitter: @coneecheewa
    facebook: Courtney Ngai
    Google +: Courtney Ngai

  • Sue345678

    Thanks for the opportunity.   I love your website.

  • Jared Z

    I’m in!  Whoooo

  • Clvn H
  • lowell henderson

    I would so like one of these, it looks awesome

  • Anthony C.

    Cool contest. :D

    Fallowing on twitter (@LeaFan93)


  • Jan

    Oh very nice! Thanks for the opportunity

    • Jan

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    I follow the rule, thanks for the opportunity.    

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    Wow, I would love to win a PSP, thanks GizmoFusion!!

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    Man do i ever want a psp vita 

  • brandon forsyth

    Man do i ever want a psp vita 

  • Sunny C

    Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!!

  • Sunny C

    Good Luck Everyone!!!  twitter:  @sunnyc17   facebook: Sunny Chauhan

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    I would like to enter to win The PSP Vita.!/johan2007/status/165010953841287169

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    Fingers crossed!  This is an awesome giveaway!

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    Yes Yes Yes!  Thanks for this awesome chance to win a PSP Vita!!

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    Very nice!  Appreciate the chance to win one of these!

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    would love to win!
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    Posted on Facebook and twitter!!!
    Last thing I won was a deployment to Iraq, this will be way better for my health!!!!

    • Jay Carmody

      Also, I’m on GF as Odin!!!

  • Michael Moore

    Twitter: oh_malley

    Hope I win.  Been wanting one of these things since I first saw it before they announced it at E3.

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    Awesome Contest!

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    Epic contest.
    *crossing fingers*

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    Hope to win

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    Sexy piece of hardware, hope it’s better than the PSP. @Equilibriumad:twitter 

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    This looks cool for my kids…would love to win. Posted to twitter;!/gaband27/status/165069783577006080

  • MajAKhan

    Step one, complete.

  • cc

    My son so wants one of these!

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  • KH   – Hope I win!

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    What a Sweeeet giveaway!  Awesome.  Thanks so much!  :)  Cheers!

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  • Goatboy66

    PSP Vita Rocks!!

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    Awesome prize! I would love to win!

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    If I can’t win one here or from Taco Bell then I will have to wait for my b-day to get one….. in Septemeber.



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  • skylar huffield
    profile link I’d really love to win

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    with having a big family its nice to have games for the kids this is perfect for traveling long and short distances, good luck to everyone , already follow on fb, twitter and just added to googles circles!/tomgirlbc/status/165435266574729216, shared and tweeted

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    WOW A totally amazing giveaway, my nephew would love it, its his BD soon so it would also save me buying one, Cheap i know!!! Have followed on twitter @alexis1976 and became a fan on FB

  • Freebie King
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    That looks like fun.

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    i love to win that vita to play my ps3 games and that got some good HD and 3g wifi

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  • Gram

    It would be fantastic to win a Vita. I never had the money for a PSP, so I am very interested in trying out a Sony handheld.

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