Cygnett Alumni Canvas Case for the iPad review!

Posted on May 9 2012 - 1:57pm by Danielle

The Cygnett Alumni case for the new iPad is a portfolio style case. It is attractively designed using canvas fabric. It is available in four different color options: pink, blue, green, and black. Cygnett was kind enough to contact us here at Gizmofusion about reviewing a few of the cases that are available for the new iPad. Make sure you stay tuned for the second case review tomorrow!

“The Alumni is covered with classic hard-wearing canvas fabric that protects the new iPad from wear and tear. Opening or closing the case automatically activates the sleep/wake function, while concealed magnets keep the case securely closed when the new iPad is not in use.”

The Cygnett Alumni case is designed with a sleep/wake function when you open and close the case much like using the smart cover from Apple. This is one of my favorite features about this case, since I rarely remember to put my iPad to sleep now that I am used to cases doing it for me. One of the biggest selling points for many users is going to be the look of the case. The appearance of this case is nice; especially with the color of the case I received which is the light blue case. It also has a built-in pocket on the left inside of the case.


I used only this case for a week in order to get the best feel for the case, and I love it. Everything about it is up to my standards with a case. My first generation iPad case was a portfolio case, so it was in the comfort zone that I am used to. It is built well, protects my iPad, and enables me to just shut my iPad without having to worry about locking it/putting it to sleep.

I have only one problem with the case. If I were to use this case in order to take pictures using the back camera on my iPad, it would come with great difficulty. I can’t close the case cover, so I’d have to hold the case open in order to take a picture. That is one of my favorite things about my Apple Smart Cover, but it is not a deal breaker, since I can always take the iPad out of the cover in order to take pictures. As a user who rarely if ever uses my iPad to take pictures, this is not an issue. For some users out there it could be.


The Cygnett Alumni case retails at $49.99. It is available in 17 retail stores total in the United States including Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and more. For the price and what you are getting I think it is kind of high. I personally would be hesitant to make the jump without knowing what the case has to offer. After having a chance to use the case for a week, my conclusion is that it is worth the price for those who like this type of case.

The Good
Sturdy Case
The looks are appealing
Inside pocket
iPad fits securely in the case

The Bad
Difficult to use the back camera
Cost is a bit high

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