Cygnett Glam Red Case Review!

Posted on May 24 2012 - 9:50am by Danielle

I have had the opportunity to review several cases for Cygnett recently, and when I was offered the chance to review their Glam case I jumped on it. I choose the Glam Red case, which to me was an easy decision because I love the color red. Just like the Lavish Earth Case, the Glam case is a folio case for the new iPad that can act as a multi-view stand in landscape mode. It is offered as both the Glam Rock case and the Glam Red case. Both colors look stunning and will make your iPad stand out in any crowd. When you first look at the case, you will be amazed at just how glossy it is. You can tell it is coated with a slick material that gives it this glossy look, without sacrificing any of the protection you want in a case. When closed the case offers screen protection for your iPad as well as an easy to carry book-style design.

As always, I put this case to the test for a full week in order to be able to give the best review of the case that I could. It was able to handle traveling back and forth between my house and my brothers apartment while I was watching his cat for him. The cat also was intrigued by the case, and it withstood his curiosity. I wish my arm could say the same after catching him while he escaped the apartment. That is a completely different story, meant for a personal blog.

After sliding your iPad into the designated area, you just need to secure it with a Velcro strap and you are good to go. The inside of the case is made of a soft material that will not scratch up your iPad at all.

With the high gloss comes the need to polish and buff the Glam case every once in a while to hide fingerprints and light scratches, but the case continues to look stunning regardless. It also offers the automatic sleep/wake magnet feature that the Alumni and Lavish Earth case have as well. This is something I look for in every case now, since I have grown so used to it thanks to my Apple Smart Cover and all of the Cygnett cases I have had the chance of testing out!

The Glam case offers three different angles that you are able to view your iPad in landscape mode.

As you would expect, the Cygnett Glam case for the new iPad claims to provide unobstructed access to all the ports, cameras buttons & the touchscreen. The charging port is a little harder to access based on the angle, but that is something that is easy to get past considering the rest of the ports are very easy to access.

Overall, I love this case. It looks incredible, offers great protection for my iPad, and at $59.99 I wouldn’t expect anything less. Cygnett takes pride in their cases, and it shows that they want to offer their customers the best. This case is not going to let you down.


  • High Quality Leather
  • Top Quality Design.
  • Automatic sleep/wake functionality
  • 360-degree protection for iPad
  • Multi-view stand on Landscape mode
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great pricing.


  • Glam case can get slippery at times
  • Charging port is harder to access


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I am Danielle. I have always been a huge computer user as far as I can remember. I was able to fix a computer from a very young age, and have been using computers my entire life, even back before the internet because popular. I am currently in college with another year left, but in my free time I am a tech junkie.

  • Roxanne

    Its a good price for the quality it seems.

    • Daniellle

      It is a great price for it. I have found from research that this is about the average price for a decent iPad case. After using it for two weeks, I think it is very sturdy.

      Cygnett has some great cases that are built to endure the test of most users, with the exception of the most extreme.