Samsung’s New S-Voice Is Just A Skinned Version Of Vlingo Labs Beta on Google Play

Posted on May 21 2012 - 9:01am by Bryan

All the rage these days are those virtual assistant apps that you see popping up everywhere, all of them trying to compete with Apple’s Siri which is built into the iPhone 4S.  I personally dont see a need for any of them.  Asking your phone what the weather is like while waiting for an answer surly is better than looking out the window, right?  Sarcasm aside, these apps have taken off.  Samsung knows this and during their Galaxy S III event they introduced S-Voice, a Siri like alternative that works on their new flagship phone. Only a day or two ago firmware for the Galaxy S III has leaked, with developers ripping it apart and getting S-Voice to work on multiple other devices, assuming you are running ICS.

While some users have seen it work from time to time the app best functions on the Galaxy S III as it will work best with built in apps.  What some may not know though, is that S-Voice is powered by Vlingo Labs Beta, and Vlingo just so happens to have that beta out on the Google Play Store right now.  The beta may not have as many features as S-Voice but Vlingo has said they will be updating it very fast and plan on making it one of the best assistant apps out there.  Check it out for yourself, but remember, you must be running ICS.

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