Cygnett Lavish Connect Case Review!

Posted on Jun 8 2012 - 2:30pm by Danielle

The Cygnett Lavish Connect case with a bluetooth keyboard is the perfect case for any college student. I myself think that this case is like a dream come true. It combines a case and a bluetooth keyboard into one, enabling me to type up notes, papers, and even this post without having to take out my laptop to get better accuracy.

When you first receive the Lavish Connect, it is recommend that you charge it for a total of three hours in order to get the best charge possible. It is also recommended that you do not exceed a total of five hours on the charger, or you take the risk of decreasing the battery life.

The case itself is a top quality case, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Cygnett after already having reviewed three of their cases. Their cases are great for anybody who is always moving around and wants optimum protection for their iPad, for an affordable price. While most of their cases retail at $59.99 or below, the Lavish Connect retails for $149.99. Essentially you are paying $59.99 for the case itself, and another $89.99 for the keyboard. While this is a steep price for a bluetooth keyboard, this is about average for most of them on the market at this point.


I can’t express enough how incredible this case really is. I am not afraid of my iPad being damaged in any way, and in addition to that, I get the ability to type on a physical keyboard instead of having to settle for using the on screen keyboard that I have been using for so long. I almost can’t wait for the start of the semester so I can type up my notes, and keep myself even more organized through using my iPad. Of course, I will be more than happy to settle for using my iPad to type up reviews like this one for Gizmofusion. It is going to allow me to work on posts no matter where I am, with the same ease I get from typing them up on my laptop.

My biggest issue with the case, is the fact that it makes me think that my iPad is an actual laptop, and I keep reaching for the trackpad that is not really there! It offers many different functions through the use of the keyboard. You can adjust the volume of your iPad, fast forward and rewind media, turn your on screen keyboard on and off, and more! I am amazed at how well this case functions.

I could go on and on about the fantastic build of the case, and how there is so much detail in it, but I won’t. This is simply based on the fact that after several reviews of products by Cygnett, you get the idea that their cases are top quality, and you have nothing to worry about with this case! It is flawless.

I am not writing this amazing review just because I was given the product to review, but because this is what I really think about the Cygnett Lavish Connect case. It is a fantastic case, and I highly recommend it to anybody who wants both full protection AND a bluetooth keyboard to use for their most demanding typing needs. This case is a great case, and every review that I have typed up in the past week has been typed up using this case and keyboard combination. I am having a hard time with the idea of ever going back to using the on-screen keyboard.


This is a great case for anybody who is looking for a bluetooth keyboard, but also wants a case that offers full protection for their iPad as well. I know there are other cases out there that are thin keyboards that double as a cover as well, but personally after spending so much money on my iPad, I want to make sure every inch of it is protected as well.

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