Review: PowerShadow Series i4 iPhone Battery Case/Dock

Posted on Jun 30 2012 - 9:00am by Ty Pier

One of the biggest issues in the technology life is keeping our electronics charged throughout the day without a power source, as well as, protecting those precious goodies from the world around you. Luckily for us techies, Spyder has created a device that not only protects your phone from bumps, drops, kicks and hits, it also has a built in spare battery to keep you running long after anybody else. Read on to see if this case survived our grueling tests.

Upon first hearing about this Case/Battery I assumed that it was going to be a big bulky tank. I was proven quite wrong after opening the package. The case adds a little bulk to the back but for the size of the battery that is in it, the bulk is a lot smaller then it seems like it should be. Also the fact that this is a very highly protective case as well makes it even better.

But this isn’t just a spare battery, it has built-in smart technology that intelligently augments your iPhone’s power for maximum performance and reliability. With this you can charge and sync your iPhone without removing it from it’s new home. You are also given a nifty little charging dock to place your iphone into, which will charge the case and phone as well.

You are able to turn the extra battery on and off which saves the new battery while you don’t need it. There are four blue LED indicators above the case power button which indicate the charge level of the battery if the case when powered on. The case battery is turned off by pressing the power button for three seconds again, which switches back over to the iPhone battery.

Overall for the added bulk this package deal is well worth the price. You get a smooth attractive case that protects and shields your iPhone from all worldly dangers, and you also get the added protection of not letting your phone die when you need it the most. Full specs for the device are listed below as well as a link to Spyder’s site HERE.

Includes convenient Charge/Sync Dock.
Certified “Made for iPhone.” (1)
Fits both AT&T and Verizon iPhones.
Adds minimal size and weight.
2000 mAh capacity provides up to:
– 8 hours of extra talk on 3G
– 11 hours of video
– 44 hours of music
Retains full access to all of your iPhone’s controls, ports, inputs and outputs.
Battery level indicator.
Recharge and sync without removing your iPhone from the i4 case.
On/Off button lets you control when power is delivered to your iPhone.
Impact-resistant polycarbonate body with satin rubber finish.
Optional in-car charger.
One-year warranty.
Technical Specs
Dimensions: 5.01″ x 2.4″ x 0.79″; (mm) 127.3 x 61 x 20
Capacity: 2000 mAh (2)
Weight: 2.6 oz; 73.7 g
Battery type: A-Grade Lithium-Ion Polymer

Package Contents

Spyder i4 battery case
Charge/sync dock
USB cable

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