Cygnett InSound Noise-Cancelling Headphones Review

Posted on Jul 16 2012 - 12:57pm by Danielle

Cygnett has given me many opportunities to review cases that they carry for the new iPad, but I was not completely familiar with all of the different products and accessories that they offered. One of these products is their InSound Noise cancelling Headphones that feature active noise cancelling technology. I know many people tend to gravitate towards Bose when it comes to “noise cancelling” products, but the Cygnett InSound Headphones offer great competition for Bose, at an affordable price of only $129.00.

When you first receive your headphones, you will see that it comes with a nice carrying case for them. It comes with a cable carrying bag, 1.0m, 3.5mm cable, 1.5m, 3.5mm cable, and an airplane connector.

The headphones look incredible. The InSound noise cancelling headphones are completely black and stealthy looking. There are no extremely loud colors, or bright logos. It is mainly a matte black with a silver Cygnett logo located on both of the ear cans. I love the fact that these headphones come completely in black, since it doesn’t draw any attention to me while I am wearing them. I don’t need to stand out in the crowd. Not to mention, it just looks awesome as it is!

Noise cancelling headphones are for consumers that value being able to hear. The last thing most people want is to have to blast their music through their headphones, risking damage to their ears. The way that noise cancelling technology works is it blocks outside sounds out in order to give you optimum hearing without having to blast your music.

The InSound headphones use two AAA batteries that are put outside of the left ear. On the right earcan, there is an On/Off button. When you switch it on without music playing you can hear a low hissing sound, but the moment you have music on it sounds like you have turned the music up. Using these headphones you won’t have to. Your ear drums will be thanking you at the end of each day for this investment.

You are able to adjust the headphones for comfort, depending on your head size. One of the first things I noticed when trying these headphones out were how comfortable they are. This is saying a lot, since I am someone who hates having anything on my ear. The headphones themselves are extremely light weight, and overall, the comfort you feeling wearing these is incredible.

I tested these headphones out in several different scenarios, and it did an incredible job of blocking outside noise. It was great at blocking people talking while I was sitting in the hallway at school waiting for my class to begin. Cygnett states that up to 85% of noise cancellation is achieved when using these headphones. After testing it out? I’d have to say it lives up to these expectations!

The biggest selling point on these headphones is obviously going to be the quality of the sound that they produce. The InSound headphones make use of the 40mm speakers that have a frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz. Impedance is at 32Ω with a sensitivity of 98 db. I connected the headphones to my new iPad and tested out different music. I tested out Billy Joel, Linkin Park, some Christmas music (Christmas in July ;)!), and anything else that I could possibly think of. The audio quality was extremely clear on these headphones. It is not quite up to scale with a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones, but for the price you are paying you are getting an incredible pair of headphones.

They look awesome, while not being overly flashy. This is something I love about these headphones.

There is very little I can say about these headphones that is negative. I guess I could say that it would be nice to include a pair of AAA batteries with them but I have plenty of those around my house it was not an issue. I have had the chance to check out many products by Cygnett now, and I must say that they put a lot of detail into their products. I definitely recommend purchasing these headphones if you are on a budget and don’t want to pay for a pair of Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones. It does not compete with some of the pricier options, but for someone who is on a budget, these headphones are the perfect choice!

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