iPad Travel Express Review!

Posted on Jul 3 2012 - 12:38pm by Danielle

When I got my first generation iPad there was no way that I could dream up all of the accessories that I could possibly collect and use on a daily basis. I carry a bluetooth keyboard, a stylus, my charger, cleaning clothes, and of course my iPad everywhere I take it. When I contacted WaterField Designs about reviewing some of their products for the iPad and MacBook Air, I had no idea what to expect. This is a company I had heard of before, but I have never had the chance to try out any of their products. I can tell you now, I am hooked. WaterField Designs provided me with the travel express in copper, and included a suspension strap mini as well.

WaterField designs is a company that takes pride in the country they live in. Instead of outsourcing, all of their products are made in the U.S.A., San Francisco to be exact. I am reviewing the iPad Travel Express today, and I have to tell you, the product is gorgeous. It is a great way to carry your iPad and all of the accessories that go with it, no matter where you are taking it.

The iPad Travel Express has a horizontal messenger bag design that has been designed specifically to fit the iPad. A zipper runs along the top of the case and down one of the sides in order to give you easier access to the pockets than a traditional messenger bag would allow. The main sleeve is where you would store your iPad is padded with nylon. The front and back of this pocket are lined with a rigid plastic insert to offer additional protection. This compartment is designed to fit your new iPad, iPad 2, and even your first generation iPad.

Sewn into the front of the iPad compartment are two mesh pockets that stretch to hold various items. This is great for a small notebook, pens, and even a stylus. Two more pockets are attached to the back wall on the opposite side of the bag. These are thicker pockets that work for holding accessories such as the iPad’s AC Adapter and charging cable, which is what I am storing here along with a few cleaning clothes, and additional USB portion of the charger. The Travel Express is also able to hold a bluetooth keyboard and/or a pair of headphones depending on the size of the two.

The Travel Express is a great size for walking around campus wiht it as a messenger style bag, or even to use it as a sleeve and stick it in my backpack. WaterField offers to the option to add a D-Ring to the Travel Express for $5, and a nylon strap-mini for $12, or an extension strap for $22 to go with it. This is great if you plan to use this bag to walk around town, campus, or even for traveling.

The design, fit, and the finish of the iPad Travel Express are very telling about the quality of design that WaterField is going for. The black exterior with the band that contrasts is gorgeous, just like the black interior with the contrasting colored iPad compartment. It is clear that the iPad Travel Express is not just about protection, but it is meant to stand out as well.

The price and the quality of the iPad Travel Express case are what make it such a great choice for any iPad owner. There are plenty of color choices, plus the optional addition of the D-ring and straps. The only thing about this case I would love to change is adding an additional pocket to the outside of the case.

Check out the website for Waterfield Designs here! Be sure to check out my review of their Smart Case for the MacBook Air as well!

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