SecuriFi Almond: Touch Screen Wireless Router

Posted on Jul 18 2012 - 2:00pm by Ben Oaks

The SecuriFi Almond is a touch screen Wi-Fi router and range extender not only brings you a nice touch screen interface, but also helps keep your network secure and free of Google’s Wi-Fi Location database. The Almod is easy to set up and requires no computer or installation CD. This sleek black router with easy to use touch screen not only makes set-up easy, but also changing settings on the fly no longer require you to log in through your computer. The 803.11bg router allows for data transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps. Check out the release below and let us know what you think about a wireless router with touch screen interface.


Securifi’s Almond, the World’s First Touch Screen Wi-Fi Router and Range Extender, Brings Enhanced Security to Wireless Networks
Securifi’s highly anticipated touch screen router and range extender is finally available to the masses and promises wireless network security with a hassle-free set-up.
Taipei, Taiwan ─ July 12, 2012 ─ Securifi, an innovative consumer electronics company best known for developing Almond, the world’s first Wi-Fi router and range extender with an intuitive touch screen interface, today announces that the highly anticipated product is now shipping in the U.S., Canada and Europe. First introduced at the 2012 International CES this past January, Almond initially made headlines for its modern design and simple touch screen interface that configures in seconds and does away with PC or Mac based setup or maintenance.
Since the product’s initial announcement, security holes on Wi-Fi Protected Setups (WPS) have surfaced, bringing an important feature of Almond to the forefront: wireless network security for even the most basic user. Recent reports illustrate that WPS is fairly simple to compromise, leaving Internet connections and shared data that resides on wireless networks, vulnerable to hacking. Securifi’s Almond has already addressed this issue at the factory level. “Many manufacturers are ignoring this problem by enabling WPS by default,” said Ram Malasani, President of Securifi. “Almond ships with WPS initially disabled, and directs users to select a timed enable – allowing just enough time to connect to the router, then disable automatically in order to increase wireless security.”
Additionally, informal research by the company has found that many users (as many as 30%) still secure their wireless networks using Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), which is highly vulnerable to hacking. In fact, because WEP is so insecure, Almond doesn’t even offer an option to use WEP through its LCD user interface (though an advanced user can still select WEP through the web interface). The company reports that the most common reason for people using WEP is they dread the hassle involved with changing passwords and other settings, based on past experience with the configuration of other-branded routers. With this frustration in mind, Almond was designed to ensure each step is intuitive for any human to utilize more advanced security features (such as WPA and WPA2), in addition to changing the password.
It’s also important to note that using Almond ensures your wireless router is kept out of Google’s Wi-Fi location database, which is a privacy issue for some users. The opt-out requires a change in the name of the wireless network (the SSID) to include _nomap at the end of the name, though that security protection isn’t widely known by the layman. Securifi has ensured that Almond defaults to include the _nomap tag, so the everyday user doesn’t have to worry about taking that extra step on their own.
Securifi’s Almond is available and shipping now through Other fine retail and ecommerce facilities will be stocking and shipping Almond later this summer.
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About Securifi
Securifi develops innovative consumer electronics products that combine best in class technology, elegant design and affordable prices. The company put itself on the map with their flagship product that demonstrates plug and play at it’s finest: Almond, the world’s first Wi-Fi router with an intuitive touch screen interface. Configuring in seconds, doubling as a range extender, and ensuring wireless networks are more secure, Almond has revolutionized the wireless router market. Securifi’s mission to take the challenge out of wireless networking for humans everywhere has only just begun. Founded in 2011, the company is based in Taiwan, with offices planned for India and the U.S. later this year. For more information about new innovations offered by Securifi, please visit

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