Apple Announces The New iPod Touch

Posted on Sep 12 2012 - 2:48pm by Danielle

Apple announced today at their live iPhone 5 event, an updated iPod Touch. The 5th generation iPod Touch is being called “The best iPod touch we have ever made”. It is 6.1mm thin, which is nearly as thin as a nano. It weighs in at 88grams. There is the lightning dock, speaker, and the exact same 4-inch display that is feature on the new iPhone 5.

It features an A5 processor with up to 7x the performance of previous iPod touches. The battery life is remarkable. You can get 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video.

The iPod touch now gets a nice 5 megapixel iSight camera. It will also feature the new Panorama feature, as you would expect. iPhoto will be available for the iPod touch as well. It features a wrist-strap that is included with the iPod touch.

It will have 1080p video. Wireless improves as well. It will feature bluetooth 4.0. 802. 11a/b/g/n, which is dual band. Airplay mirroring is feature as well! It is now available in five different colors!

Image: gdgt

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  • I think I may finally replace my 7 year old iPod finally.

    • I was thinking it was time to invest in something other than an iPod Classic!