iPhone 5 Battery Life Meets Or Exceeds The 4S

Posted on Sep 12 2012 - 1:55pm by Danielle

The iPhone 5 event which is taking place right now filled us in a on a lot of information about the iPhone 5, and continues to do so. One thing we learned is that the new iPhone 5 which now is LTE-enabled, will at least match the battery life of the 4S if not exceed it.

Browsing the internet, talking on the phone, whether it be LTE or 3G will give you 8 hours of battery life. Wi-Fi browsing and video will give you 10 hours, music will give you 40 hours, and Standby will give you 225 hours of battery life. This seems like a great improvement, and I am sure will comfort those users who feared they might lose some of their battery life.

Image: The Verge

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