Cygnett Workmate Case Review For The iPhone 5

Posted on Nov 7 2012 - 4:22pm by Danielle

The Cygnett Workmate case for the iPhone 5 uses a blended construction. It is made up of both soft silicone and polycarbonate materials that fit together in the places that they need to in order to make the case as light as possible.

The case is designed for rough and tumble and is built rugged in order to handle rough treatment. It differs from other cases that are similar because of the fact that the polycarbonate material does not completely cover the iPhone 5.

The soft silicone is left to protect the top of the iPhone 5, the camera, and the bottom of the iPhone. It seems like it is a little to easy for this to peel away from the iPhone and detach itself.  It also has a tendency to pick up a lot of lint.

As a heavy-duty case, I love the protection that it provides. It is not the same size and bulk that you would expect from say an Otterbox case, but it is definitely up there when it comes to protection. The inner layer is made of a shock absorbent material that will help cushion your iPhone from drops and accidently damage. The outer layer is a hard polycarbonate shell with a soft touch finish. They can be separated for installation but it is really not necessary. The whole case overall fits like a glove.

Like I said earlier, the rubber lining that is used for the case is a serious lint magnet. If you carry your phone in your pocket, be prepared to clean the lining of the case often. I find myself constantly cleaning it while I was testing out the case on my brother’s.

Other than those two issues I absolutely love the case and would recommend it to any iPhone 5 users who is looking to protect their brand new phone. The Cygnett WorkMate is available from Cygnett for $24.99 and can be purchased in 2 different color schemes – Slate Blue and Khaki. They also include a front screen protector for your convenience.

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