LED Lumen Smart Bulb: Color Your Room To Fit Your Mood

Posted on Nov 13 2012 - 9:00am by Ben Oaks

LED Lumen Smart Bulb

We are seeing multiple companies come out with color changing, controllable, LED lighting. Lumenation Inc is no different. Their LED Smart Bulb uses bluetooth to control the color, brightness, and on/off function of the bulb from your iOS device. This light produces 400 lumen (60 Watt equivalent) in a standard E27 socket. This indiegogo project has 30 days left and needs to raise $110,000. For as little as a $45 early bird contribution you can purchase your own LED Lumen Smart Bulb. Check out the project HERE.



Lumen Smart Bulb combines the practical utility of a standard white bulb, the fun of multi-colored lights and savings of a LED bulb to create most intelligent light bulb on the market

Lake Mary, Fla. – Nov. 12, 2012 – Lumenation Inc. announces the availability of the iOS app controlled Lumen Smart Bulb on Indiegogo. The sleek, octagonal, brushed aluminum LED Smart Bulb works with standard E27 sockets. It generates 400 lumens of warm white light, the equivalent of a 60W bulb, but with one-tenth of the power consumption. The energy efficient bulb lasts up to 20 years and is easily controlled and customized from a smartphone or existing light switch, making it the ideal lighting solution for home or business use.

The Smart Bulb is a dimmable LED RGBW (Red, Blue, Green and White) bulb meaning it can create light in any color in the color spectrum. Currently, the one-touch app features four different modes to choose from:
“Party Mode” transforms any space into a dance floor with flashing lights which change color to suit the music playing.
“Sleep Mode” simulates calming moonlight to improve sleep and enhance rest.
“Wake Mode” starts with a very dim light, gradually brightening until it reaches maximum intensity at the stipulated wake up time. Users can customize how long the brightening process should take, from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
“Ambient Mode” creates the perfect conditions for a romantic date or quiet evening at home using a soft, dim light.

Lumenation Inc. has already successfully created a prototype of the Lumen Smart Bulb. Contributors to the project will receive a Lumen Smart Bulb and help Lumenation Inc. with international safety standard certification applications.

With a contribution of $49 (early bird special), backers can purchase one LED Lumen Smart Bulb. Larger and smaller contributions include:
$99 for two Lumen Smart Bulbs
$450 for ten Lumen Smart Bulbs
$1,000 for 25 Lumen Smart Bulbs
$3,500 for 100 Lumen Smart Bulbs

The Lumen Smart Bulb is expected to be shipped in April 2013 and will be releasing new updates including Android compatibility in the near future.

For more on Lumenation Inc. and the Lumen Smart Bulb, visit Indiegogo and “like” us on Facebook.com/LumenSmartbulb.

About Lumenation Inc.:
Lumenation Inc. is dedicated to creating new and innovative lighting solutions for any situation and room. Lumanation Inc. uses energy efficient and a sleek design aesthetic to create the ideal lighting solution. In partnership with Signeo Lighting and TABU Products, Lumenation Inc. has been able to create its first creation – the Lumen Smartbulb. www.lumenbulb.co

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