Hands-On-Review-Mistletoe Madness Thinking Putty

Posted on Dec 13 2012 - 1:24pm by Ty Pier


Remember getting silly putty in your stocking every year? The little pink colored egg filled with the small amount of goop that could stretch and copy writings from the newspapers? This is the upgraded version for the modern day kids. Not even just kids, adults too! This silly little putty is fun for all ages, whether you need a stress relief, and fun ball to bounce off a wall, or even just something to write a cute message to somebody with, it covers it all! Bounce your way to the rest of this review for the full stretch.

Crazy Aaron has designed a truly amazing and simple fun that can last for hours and more. In light of the festive holiday time they have multiple different colors, designs and styles of this thinking putty. You can bounce it, stretch it, rip it, shape it, and do so many ridiculous things with it. I personally had fun stretching it out and letting it hang from the ceiling. It lowered and formed it’s own shapes over a short time that looked pretty cool.


No matter the occasion or the time, a simple inexpensive gift this will make. Any age will have fun with this. Including people who need to relieve some stress, you can squeeze this as tight as you want and even throw it with out any worry of hurting it. But be careful because if you’re not careful this will hit back! Literally, this blob of goo bounces like a basketball.


As i said above, this putty comes in so many different varieties. It has colors for holidays, sparkles for Twilight fans, glow in the dark for kids who love to build forts, some that changes color when you get it hot, and SO MANY MORE!! If you are looking for a stocking stuffer, a fun gift for a friend, or even just something for yourself you will absolutely LOVE thinking putty! So head over to PuttyWorld.com to check out all options and pick yours up today!


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