Our Way Of Giving Back – The GF Hurricane Sandy Charity Event

Posted on Dec 5 2012 - 2:21pm by Team GizmoFusion

We have a quick story we would like all of you to read.  Please click the more button and help us get gaming back in the lives of those affected by hurricane Sandy.

My wife and I currently live on Long Island in New York.  As most of you know about a month ago the entire area was hit by one of the worst hurricane’s on record for the northeast US.  Hundreds of homes and business’s were destroyed, and with that physical destruction comes mental destruction.

My wife is a teacher for a local elementary school which was in an area heavily damaged by hurricane Sandy.  Entire houses were lost, with the homeowners belongings gone as well.  It took upwards of two weeks for the teachers and kids to finally start school again but this was the beginning of a long journey back to normalcy.

Some of the teachers lost their items as well, with some of them loosing everything.  Its tough.  Its tough to come up with words to make your co-workers feel better, feel like it’s okay to cry about it.  Its very easy to replace items you buy in the store, but some possessions can be lost forever.  Picture’s, video’s, items handed down to you.  Those will never be replaced.  Quite a few of the teachers have kids there as well, and while they can always go to their parents, sometimes going to a teacher can be easier.

Hearing these stories from my wife day after day once school started up again got me thinking; we have an amazing community here at GF.  We have thousands of followers, all of which enjoy the site because we love talking about one of the few things kids and adults can all enjoy together… video games.  The teachers and their kids do the same things all of you do.  Enjoy game time together.  There are hundreds of millions of consoles out there and we want to do our part in helping replace some of the smaller things in life to these kids and their families so they can hopefully get themselves back on track to normalcy.

That being said we are going to have a charity event here on the site for at least a few weeks.  100% of money donated will be going towards buying game consoles and games for kids and their teachers/families.  My wife and I would like to personally surprise everyone down at her school once we are able to get enough money donated and give out whatever we can to a few of the families who have a large uphill battle to go through in life.  If you can even donate $1 it would be extremely appreciated.  You can find the donation link on the sidebar to the right, towards the top.

Please help us, even if you cant donate, by sending a link of this article any way possible to your family, friends, and co-workers.  Send it via email to your contacts, post it on Facebook, have co-workers pass it around.  The more money we can get donated the more families we can get games to, and the quicker we can help kids go home and enjoy a life of fun again, not having to worry about the things adults normally take care of.  Its sad that children today are a part of the bad things that happen in this world but we can do our part in making sure they still enjoy their childhood.  It goes fast.

(graphic by Cory Morris – http://www.unitygraphics.net/)

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  • Josh C

    I just donated!!!

    • Brett Santos

      Me too. This is a great idea and I hope you guys get a lot of money to give away.