Speck CandyShell Flip Giveaway!

Posted on Jan 29 2013 - 8:54am by Danielle

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Speck CandyShell Flip case, and like I promised I have one to give away for the iPhone 5. In order to enter the contest it is simple, just comment on this post about why you want this case. One random person will be selected to win this case. The winner will be selected on February 1st, and will be posted on the site. Keep an eye out for the announcement and we will ask you to email us with your shipping information so I can send you the case. Good luck!

Check out my review of the case here.

About the Author

I am Danielle. I have always been a huge computer user as far as I can remember. I was able to fix a computer from a very young age, and have been using computers my entire life, even back before the internet because popular. I am currently in college with another year left, but in my free time I am a tech junkie.

  • liljrSanchez

    My iPhone is old and boring, I need to PMP (Pimp My Phone). Just one question though… Any other colors beside pink? :P

    • Thats something Danielle can answer :)

      • liljrSanchez

        Lol Thanks for the response Bryan!

        • The exact color is blue and pink. I am going to update the picture now. It is the case they sent me to review for the iPhone 5.

          • liljrSanchez

            Gotcha, I didn’t see it was pink/blue colors. Do you think my iPhone can handle it?? :P

  • Because it would be awesome!

  • Why do I want this case? Hum…it’s pink. Isn’t that enought? LOL Plus I love the CandyShell Flips.

  • WendyM

    I have 8 month old twins- my phone needs the protection!!

  • JaleelM

    I’d like to win as a gift to my sister.

  • I want this case because its super cute and looks like it protects well

  • sandinabottle

    awesome case for the girlfriend! thanks for the giveaway!

  • I love this! Perfect since my 2 year old little guy always wants my iPhone.

  • Marissa

    It looks like it would protect my phone well

  • TheMysticBucket (MH)

    My phone now is a virgin to its case, and it would like more of a selection. BTW this is totally the phone typing this. SHHH. Thanks :)

  • michelle

    It’s pink!!!

  • sweet if i won

  • volcombrandon

    i’d love the case for my sister’s phone she drops it so much it would come in handy!

  • Will G

    Because my wife would love it!

  • Cliff

    This would be great to protect my wife’s iPhone!

  • steve weber

    id give this to my sister if I won.

  • Hi Daniel, would you like to review some of our KaysCase products for iPhone 5? Please send email to us at support@kayscase.com. Thank you!

  • This would be good to give to my girlfriend as a little anniversary gift

  • I want this case because I’m selfish.

  • This would be for my daughter who lets her phone slip through her fingers way too often!

  • Joyce K

    I want this case because I am clumsy and always drop my phone and want a case that is durable so my phone doesn’t break.

  • Michelle D

    I just bought a new Iphone 5 and have been searching and searching for the RIGHT one. and your review helped me decide. this is the one. like anyone else, i would love to win it instead of having to buy it

  • Rhamsey

    I really like the color of it, and the line across the back.

  • Resham

    I want this to protect my iPhone from getting scratches and look new.

  • lrg48

    this would help me out a lot because I keep dropping my phone

  • I would LOVE to win this case, I just got a new phone & I didn’t but a case yet. This one looks GREAT. TY for the chance ♥

  • I want this case because it would be nice to protect my iPhone since I don’t have any case on it right now plus I want to try the candy shell.

  • My girlfriend needs this because her daughter is an expert on breaking phones and I think this would help prolong the phones life in our household!

  • Richard

    Always like to try out something new. Great colors on these cases!

  • Love the colors!

  • lisa mcfarland

    this would take care of my phone

  • I’m always dropping my phone so this would really help alot!

  • Tim

    I need a case for my iphone 5 and the speck case has been my favorite also I tend to break my items I have broken 2 flip phones over the past year and I would hate to break my new Iphone because as we know it is an expensive phone.

  • I need this because I had a history of being abusive to my phone as I not only use it for personal use but I also use it on my job running around from one construction site to another.