Special Friday Game Night: Blizzard Edition

Posted on Feb 8 2013 - 2:16pm by Bryan

If you live in the northeast US this special game night is for you!  As you are well aware we are in the middle of the first blizzard in many years, so that means lots of extra people to game with later on this evening.  For this special event you will catch me (Gamertag: RiseAgainstOdds) playing some Gotham City Imposters along with a group of friends.  We hope you stay safe in this storm, cozy up to some hot cocoa tonight, and enjoy some gaming!

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  • RedSoxLuv

    I’m in Boston and its snowing like crazy!!!!!!

    • Oh boy…. Not a red sox fan.

      • RedSoxLuv

        LMAO yep!!!!!! Go Sox!

  • ReleaseMrHyde

    Won’t be snowing in the southland tonight. Days like this I’m glad I left the northeast. But then there are days I miss the snow. You all stay safe uo there and see you online.

    • Thanks and sounds good!

  • dastels

    No blizzard in Chicago tonight. I’ll probably be putting some time in on Guild Wars 2 and trying out World of Tanks. Possibly trying out Starcraft as well.

  • How was the turnout. Sorry I didn’t get on. Fell asleep after Shark Tank :)

    • Was fun. I was on til about 11ish.