Steam Having Massive 50 – 75% Off Sale For Ubuntu Users

Posted on Feb 14 2013 - 3:11pm by Bryan

Steam users get ready for a nice surprise.  While the Steam for Ubuntu (linux) client has been in beta testing for a little while its finally time for a full stable release.  To celebrate this release Steam has every Ubuntu title on sale for 50-75% off until Monday, 21 February at 10:00am US Pacific time in what is the first of many Steam sales.  I would say this is going to make a lot of you very happy.

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  • I have been seriously thinking about getting out of the console gaming scene upon the release of the upcoming new console generations and switching over to pc gaming. I have experience with STEAM in the past and really enjoy gaming on pc as well as the prices that are offered for titles.

    What are your opinions on this topic which has most likely been beaten to death? Do I spend 400-500 on the new xbox or do I upgrade my pc to a gaming powerhouse and drain STEAM of all of their well priced titles.

    Side note: One of my favorite games to this day is a steam title… Killing Floor!

    • Josh

      Why would you spend all that money on a gaming PC when we all know the Steam box is coming!!

      • Harold Kiwanis

        Sometimes a nice gaming rig will cost a lot of money.

    • Totally agree!! New xbox plus live plus DLC plus bla bla bla :(

    • With you Hoff. I will likely be getting the Steam Box from Valve when its released. Not likely the next Xbox unless its really good.

      • Not sure about the steam box. Was thinking a powerful laptop to download Steam client on. Got to look into pricing. But boy do I love me some Steam. Issue is, my computer now wont run most games. I just downloaded Batman Impostors for free and it is so damn choppy it is unplayable. Grrrr.

        • Thats why a Steam box is going to work well. PC Gaming rig that you would want requires a hefty GPU, couple thousand total for all parts. Steam Box will be like an xbox, centralized hardware, lower cost, sell at a loss and make up money on Steam sales. Plus with DLNA or Air Play built in? Man that could be awesome!

          • Issue is It is going to be a year or so before it is out. You know how impatient I am