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Posted on Mar 7 2013 - 3:00pm by Ben Oaks
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Just past the mid-point in week 4 of our iPhone 5 Case a Day Review and we have the Every1 Series Case By Ballistic. This case gives your phone all around protection for your phone, and what Ballistic is calling Air Gap Suspension Springs. Is his the case you need for out phone? Lets Keep reading to find out.

The Every1 Case by Ballistic surrounds your phone in 360 degrees of protection. The Case offers a rigid inner shell with a softer and flexible silicone outer.

The case is two pieces and is held together on the corners by a high strength button system. The buttons fit firmly into openings in the rigid plastic of the case. Once in place the case stay’s firmly together.

The only opening on the case that doesn’t have a protective flap for it is the camera/flash. The Mute Slider, Headphone jack, and Power Port all have openings that have a protective silicone flap that helps keep dirt and debris out of the openings.

The rear of the case has a built-in plastic kick stand that will hold your phone up in both portrait and landscape modes. The kick stand locks into place to keep the stand from catching onto things when your phone is in your holster.

The Every1 also has a built-in screen protector with an opening for the ear piece/camera. This is a heavy-duty rigid plastic that allows for easy use of the touch screen.

The case employees a technology that Ballistic is calling Air Gap Suspension Springs. As you can see in the one picture above, this is little fingers of the soft flexible silicon that stick out from the rigid plastic to cradle you phone in a “gap” of air to help give added protection for drops.

The Every1 also includes a belt holster. The holster doesn’t swivel like most cases, but the phone is extremely secure inside of the holster. The phone is almost impossible to shake free from the holster when used properly.

Overall the Every1 by Ballistic is a great case if you are looking for all around protection for your iPhone 5. With a built-in screen protector and phone stand this phone is hard to beat. Add in the protection from the Air Gap Suspension Springs and the price of $49.99 seems small for the amount of protection your phone is getting. Head on over to the Ballistic Web Site to check out this and all the other fine cases they offer.

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