Underwater Review: Pyle WaterProof Tablet Case

Posted on Mar 6 2013 - 10:30am by Ty Pier

Water, which fuels us and quenches our thirst does the exact opposite in the technology world. A small amount of steam can actually slither its way into the deepest cracks of our electronics and destroy them with zero hesitation. This is really upsetting when it comes to summer time and you want to spend all your time in the pool, or hot tub or even just your jacuzzi bath tub but still want to be able to browse the internets. Luckily for us, Pyle has come out with a WaterProof Tablet Case that will fit most tablets on the market. Dive in for the full review.

After a long day at work one of the most relaxing hobbies is to come home and soak in the hot tub. But I also have to check all my social networks, watch the newest gaming videos, and jump on Reddit  for an insane amount of hours. Doing this in a hot tub can be quite an obvious fail in the electronics department. However, thanks to Pyle i can now enjoy two of my favorite things together!

The design is pretty awesome also because on the inside of the case there is a headphone jack so that you can plug your headphones into the case itself without the risk of getting water into anything. This is helpful for those who aren’t lucky enough to have an amazing bluetooth speaker.

The screen is completely accessible and doesn’t bubble like a screen protector. You can access all of your features and still do anything you would normally do with out the case. Also you dont have to worry about dropping it because the case floats. But if you did want to go underwater and lets say take a picture, which you can do because the back is also clear, you can go under water to 3.3 feet for about 30 minutes.

The best part about this tablet case is that it is designed to fit a very wide variety of tablets, ereaders and anything else you want to shove in there. Whether it be an iPad, an HP Touchpad, or a Kindle Fire they will all fit and give you the control you want in the environment you never thought you could use them in.

Overall for the price it is well worth the money. Consider spending 500 dollars to buy a new tablet because you splashed some water on it while you were making a wonderful dinner and reading directions off of it. That would be pretty bad i know, and it could have been avoided if you had headed over to HERE
and picked yours up today!

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