Cygnett Eginma iPad Mini Case Review

Posted on Apr 4 2013 - 1:14pm by Danielle
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I always enjoy working with Cygnett to review their cases. They offer quality products for an affordable price. The Enigma flex-folding folio case is no exception to their quality products. I received a pink version of this case, which I loved the bright color of the moment I took it out of the packaging. This iPad mini folio case is made up of two different parts that are made of two different materials. The first part where you place the iPad mini is made up of a hard plastic. The fit of this part of the case is perfect for the iPad mini, and holds it securely as soon as you snap your iPad mini in.

The second part of this case is the soft, rubberized cover that has a microfiber inner cover that is designed to protect the screen from scratches. The cover is also designed to work as a stand when you fold it backwards. The case is folded a little differently than other cases like this. The picture below shows you just how the stand is created when you fold the case.

When you fold the case into a stand it is sturdy and will allow you to watch videos and movies without having to prop the iPad up on something else.

The case provides full access to all of the ports and other functions of the iPad mini, but it does not add a lot of bulk. The one feature I think it lacks is the sleep/wake function that I have come to expect from iPad and iPad mini cases. I am so used to this function I often forget to hit the power button when I close the cover while using this case. It is something that definitely takes some getting used to, but it is by no means a deal breaker with any case. The case retails at $39.99 and is available in pink, blue, and black. You can find out more by visiting Cygnett’s website here. 

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