Cygnett Lavish Case For iPad Mini Review

Posted on Apr 3 2013 - 11:28am by Danielle
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When you first see the Lavish case, you think that it looks like many folio style cases that already exist. The faux leather is not as cheap feeling as the other cases that are out there. On the back of the case there is a hole for the iSight camera. There is a simple magnetic tab that is used to keep the case shut when it is not in use.

The quality of the inside of the case is the high-quality design that we have seen from many Cygnett cases in the past. They deliver on high quality cases, and the Lavish is no exception. It takes a bit of effort to get the case on, but once you do, you know that your iPad mini is secure and is not going anywhere. Accessing the controls on the case is not as easy as I would like, but I manage without a problem. Larger fingers might have more of an issue with this.

The case folds into two different viewing angles, like most folio cases can. The one feature that the case is missing that I wish it had is the magnetic lock and unlock feature that we have come to expect from so many cases. I am not sure why they ultimately chose to exclude this feature, but hopefully in the future that changes.

Overall, I really like this case. I love that the iPad mini stays secure and does not move around in the flexible case that is inside of the case. It is well protected from drops. My favorite part of the case is that it can act as a stand with two different viewing angles. I hope that it features the magnetic lock and unlock feature in the future, but other than that this is a great case. It is available in both black and purple and retails at $39.95.

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