Cygnett Vector For iPad Mini Review

Posted on Apr 4 2013 - 1:24pm by Danielle
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There are a lot of users who would prefer a simple case for their iPad mini, instead of something that sports a whole lot of features that they could live without. The Cygnett Vector case for the iPad mini, which retails at $20, is the perfect choice for those users. The case is a semi-rigid rubber case that has a cool design on the back that will set it apart from other cases like this. It is available in red or black, and easily fits around your iPad mini and covers the edges with a protective lip.

This case fits tightly around your iPad mini, and leaves no fear of it coming away from the edges. There are openings for the volume button, while the Sleep/Wake are covered. I found this to be an issue since it required a bit of pressure to press down on the button.There is an opening on the back for the camera, and of course an opening where the rumored microphone on the back would have been.

There is really not a ton to say about this particular case, but I really do love it. This is a case that I would recommend for someone who has no children, and does not remove their iPad mini from one location. If you are somebody who travels with their iPad mini, this is really not the case for you. You can find out more about this case on their website here.


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