What Are Your Thoughts On A Possible “Always On” Next Xbox?

Posted on Apr 12 2013 - 8:02am by Bryan

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It all started with a rumor.  After the rumor’s began things heated up as more and more sources made us aware that its quite possible Microsoft will require a connected Internet connection to even play single player games.  All hell broke loose when a Microsoft employee took to Twitter to ask why everyone was cranky about this very idea.  But at the end of the day it’s the users that are considering purchasing the next Xbox that will decide whether or not it will succeed.  And that success, or failure, could very well be decided by one single feature.  Will the next Xbox require an Internet connection to be connected and up at all times to do anything on the console.  So we ask you, what do you think?  Will this be a remote possibility?  Answer our poll below.

Will you buy the next Xbox if it requires an always on and up Internet connection?

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  • Terrible terrible terrible idea, the world is, as yet, not fully connected, and there are many people who have poor and/or unreliable internet connections, one only need look to the always online drm fiascos of games like c&c4 and the like to realize always online consoles are a bad move