Contest: Win a Moto X $150 Off Promo Code For Your Carrier Of Choice!

Posted on Dec 9 2013 - 2:32pm by Team GizmoFusion

Moto X

You may or may not have heard, but recently Motorola offered a select number of lucky folks the ability to purchase a Moto X off contract for $150 off thanks to a promo code.  Luckily we were able to snag one before they ran out and feel it’s that time of year to pay it forward.  If you were looking to upgrade your phone off contract, and are okay with the Moto X, enter below for a chance to win the promo code we have sitting here right now.  The rules are simple!

1. Enter a comment below.

2. Bonus: Post the following to your social networks: Win a Moto X $150 off promo code from @gizmo_fusion! #contest #giveaway #motox

(if you do the bonus you get two entries).

That is it!  The contest will run until this Friday, December 13th, and the code MUST be redeemed by 11:59pm on December 16th or else it will be invalid.  Plenty of time over the weekend to design your very own Moto X.

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  • Shawn Stover


  • novicej

    hope I can get one!

  • tunetokyo


  • Nicole Acuna

    I REALLY hope I win, thanks so much for giving us all the chance <3

  • Will Griesmer


  • Will Griesmer
  • omegatrac


  • Ra Vallejo


  • iDoodleBug


  • matthew


  • OmgwtfBbqstfu


  • James Doyle


  • Shine Silva

    Hey, Shine from Philippines…Hope I can get one. color aqua blue.. :) <3 love it sooooo

  • InsightMan

    Good luck guys. Also whoever the future winner is please write a COMMENT when GF notifies you(as they say they do). Just so that it doesnt end up like the nexus 5 giveaway and we know if GF is just trolling us or not.

  • Shine Silva

    Godbless :)

  • TomTrainer

    Hoping I’m the lucky winner!

  • Shine Silva

    Please be Mine!

  • Willie Blanks

    Tiger Blood

  • Legomancer

    I’d love to get a Moto X! Thank you for the chance! :)

  • curious scam

    Did any1 of u guys win?

  • Kara Leung

    Awesome, been looking to switch from iOS, this might just do it!

  • Shine Silva

    How can we get the code?..

  • Bryan

    Winner was chosen and the code was used :)