Review: Moto X Verizon

Posted on Dec 24 2013 - 10:30am by Kyle Morris
  • Design
  • Software and Apps
  • Performance (Including Audio and Display)
  • Camera
  • Battery
  • Call Quality




  • 4.7” AMOLED 720P Display
  • Android 4.2.2
  • 2200mAh Battery
  • 10MP Clear Pixel Rear cam, 2MP front
  • Motorola X8 Computing system
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Storage


With all the hype that has surrounded the Motorola Moto X over the past few months I could not wait to get my hands on one.  The device came packaged in the usual fashion and includes the usual charger, cable, manuals, etc.  After removing the X from the box my first impressions were that the phone is extremely small given the screen size and very well made.  The front of the device is almost all screen with a bit of black above and below.  The sides wrap to the back and have somewhat of a rubbery feel which feels very nice and prevents the phone from slipping out of your hands.  The shape of the phone is perfect with its curved edges and dimple in the center of the back of the phone, which a finger sits perfectly in providing the sense of a more secure grip.  This is the first device I have used that I felt comfortable holding with one hand in a large group of people.  It is a hard thing to describe but I cannot stress enough how much thought was put into the ergonomics of this device.   I have smaller hands and it felt great but my friends with large hands felt the same way.  Like most Motorola phones the build quality is amazing.  The device feels solid with little to no flex at all.

While the X is a great piece of hardware the software is where the device really shines.  The Moto X comes loaded with the latest version of Android, 4.2.2 and combined with Motorola’s proprietary software makes for a very pleasant and useful user experience.  You will not find much bloat from Motorola on this phone.  Unfortunately the usual Verizon bloat software is still present.  The three main software features that make this phone shine are Active Display, Touchless Control and Motorola Assist.  Active display uses the low power AMOLED display to its advantage and turns the display on whenever you flip the phone over or pull it from your pocket and displays all current notifications and allows you to quickly access them.  This feature saves more time, taps, and swipes than you would think and I have grown to love this feature.  Touchless control seemed somewhat gimmicky to me at first but after a few days with it I realized just how useful it can be.  The phone listens at all times and by simple saying “OK Google Now” followed by a question or command the phone will either answer the question or do as you asked.  This can be done with the phone sitting halfway across the room or while it is in your pocket.  Motorola Assist is like a personal assistant for your phone, it can silence and auto respond to messages during meetings, silence your phone at night, allow for automatic hands free while driving and much more.

The Moto X may not have the biggest screen, highest resolution, most cores, highest clock speed, etc, but the combination of hardware works flawlessly and even more importantly it all works very efficiently.  While using the X I did not experience any slowdowns, lag, etc even while running many apps.  The display looks great even though its resolution is considered “low” by today’s standards and the cameras both front and rear performed above average in every way.  Again, the camera was not the best I have seen, and the phone isn’t the fastest but for all but the most demanding users it will surprise you every time you use it.


  • Solid Build
  • Awesome Call Quality
  • Moto’s Amazing bundled software enhancements
  • Decent Cameras
  • Killer Battery Life
  • Useful features
  • Price


  • Verizon Bloat still included


The Motorola Moto X is nothing short of an amazing device and may be the most well rounded phone I have ever used.  I would have no problem suggesting the phone to ANY user no matter the criteria, sex, lifestyle or age.  It is in my opinion that the Moto X is the best overall smartphone to ever be released and I applaud Google, Motorola and Verizon for creating the best user experience on a phone that I have ever seen.

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    The Nexus 5, Moto X, and Moto G creates a fantastic trio of Android phones covering high to mid tier, yet costs mid to low-range at most. Hopefully the three of them can sell volumes and steal more market share from iOS devices.