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Posted on Jan 16 2014 - 2:01pm by Danielle



  • The Fitbit Flex tracks steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned & active minutes
  • Also tracks hours slept & quality of sleep
  • Works with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and select Android smartphones
  • Syncs in real time with smartphone, PC or Mac via Bluetooth® wireless
  • Lets you track progress via FREE Fitbit Apple or Android Apps
  • Water-resistant
  • Silent alarm (it vibrates)

Wireless module can also be swapped out between different-colored wristbands (sold separately)


Fitness trackers are really glorified pedometers. They provide a lot of insightful data through their respective apps, including the ability to track your sleep, steps, and to compete with your friends to see who has the most steps each week. You can taunt your friends and cheer them on through the Fitbit app. It took me some time to decide whether I wanted to go with the Jawbone UP, the Nike Fuelband, or a Fitbit device. I ultimately went with the Fitbit because of the reviews I had read online. I wanted to get the best one for me, so I did some more research to decide between the Fitbit One, the Flex, or the Force. I ultimately decided on the Flex because of its size, and the fact that it is worn on your wrist, and therefor there is less of a chance of me losing it.

The great thing about the Fitbit Flex is that the battery life on it is phenominal. Fitbit claims you should be able to get roughly 5 days off a single charge. It is because of this that there is very little reason for you to take it off most of the time, especially since it is waterproof. The most important thing about an activity tracker is that you are able to keep it with you at all times and forget you are even wearing it, all while it syncs with your phone and collects data about your life, and reports back to you with charts and numbers that are really simple to understand. When you are picking your activity tracker you want something that just blends in with your life and you don’t even have to worry about remembering to keep it with you, and the Fitbit Flex pulls with off seamlessly.

It is no secret that the Fitbit is a long-time and high sought-after play in the world of tiny, inconspicuous fitness tracking devices that help users to keep track of their daily goals. Prior to the Fitbit Flex, the Fitbit was known for its clothing clip-on monitors, but it was only a matter of time before it became even easier to track your fitness without having to worry about clipping a device on your clothing each day.

Fitbit took it a step further than other devices out there and made it possible to grab the attention of your friends with you Fitbit Flex by allow you to add a little bit of personalization to your activity tracker. The Flex allows users to swap between different colored wristbands that are known as accessories. You can purchase a wristband accessory pack for $30, or pick out an individual wristband out of the 5 available colors for $15.


The Fitbit Flex has other tricks up its wristband as well. The Flex does everything you would expect it to. The Flex will keep track of your steps, distance traveled, the amount of calories you’ve left behind that day, and of course the sleep activity monitor.

The best part about the Fitbit Flex? It is fully rain and sweat-proof and is even water resistant! Obviously you can’t go too deep into the water with it, but its water-resistance is rated for depths of up to 10 meters.


I love the fact that you can wear the Flex on your wrist. This means you simply put it on and allow yourself to forget it is even there. You never have to take it off unless you want to, or you are charging it. It is waterproof and safe to wear in the shower.

The fact that you are able to wear it on your wrist means you do not have to remember to clip it on in the morning. This is one of the reasons I opted to get the Fitbit Flex over the Fitbit One. I most likely would not remember to clip the Fitbit One to my pants every morning, and then it makes it almost a worthless investment. It also makes it easy to track your sleep.


The Fitbit Flex does not have the display that the Fitbit Zip, One and Force have. This makes learning to read it slightly more difficult, but you will grow accustomed to it in no time. The Fitbit Flex displays a dot for every 20% of your daily goal that you have achieved, and one you have made it to your goal of steps for the day it will vibrate and light up when you are syncing it to the app on your phone.

The Flex also has a silent alarm. You can set a one-time alarm, or a repeating alarm. For me I am not sure how well this will work to wake me up in the long run, since I respond better to noise than I do from the vibration of a phone, but I guess we will see how this works for me in the long run.


At first I was hesistant with the Fitbit Flex, knowing that there was the possibility that it might not be that accurate. Instead I found that it was right on the marker. I opened up the app on my phone and walked around while the Flex and the app synced the entire time. Each step I took was calculated and on the marker. I was very happy to see that it did not miss a single step.

People have complained that they have issues with the Fitbit tracking steps while they are sitting down, but if you tap on the Fitbit Flex repeatedly it will be put into activity or sleep mode. It will determine whether you are sleeping or completing an activity, but this will prevent it from counting steps you are not making. I do this whenever I am typing to ensure that there are no steps being tracked during this time.



This was something I was super excited about before I got it. I have been tracking my sleep using an app on my phone, but this app makes it so I do not hear the notifications on my phone and I already have Do Not Disturb mode for that.

It has done a really good job of tracking how well I have been sleeping and on the nights that I have gotten a good night of sleep according to FitBit, it has clearly stated that on the app. On the nights I have not gotten a lot of sleep, or haven’t really slept well the app recorded the same thing.



I have had my fitbit for several weeks now, and I absolutely love it. It gives me a goal to achieve each day with my steps and makes me want to be more active. On the days where I do not reach my 10,000 step goal that I have set for myself, I am a little disappointed in myself, but I know I just have to work harder the next day.

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