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Posted on Aug 27 2014 - 7:21pm by Ty Pier
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The last couple weeks I have been lucky enough to be using the brand new LG G3 on the greatest network in the land! I am a man who really uses and abuses my phones and takes them to the brink of life then if they are lucky I charge them up an do it again! Today I am going to give all of you my personal opinion on this massive phone. Read on to learn everything about this new device and hopefully be able to make your decision on whether or not to buy.


I used the LG G2 when it had first came out. Yes it was a wonderful phone released by a company that is sadly falling behind the big dogs. But they were smart enough to actually build a phone based on the customer reviews and throw a whole bunch of improvements into a new phone and early enough to get in before the other big companies do.

One of the first things you will notice when turning on and comparing this phone to the last one is obviously the screen. LG took a little bit of a different approach when designing this screen. The QHD screen on the G3 packs a whopping 3.6 million pixels into the massive display, and offers 538 ppi which is significantly higher than its competitors. To put it into better terms, LG used the type of image from high end glossy art books and based their display off of that. I feel they chose an excellent benchmark to go off of and hopefully it will pay off in the long run. The downside to the screen is that it does take a lot of battery use to power, if you tilt it left or right it does cut the brightness and sharpness down a bit, but this doesn’t completely take the phones value down at all.


The second thing you will notice is the new outer shell. It has the beautiful brushed metallic look that most phones are turning to, which is wonderful, especially with the HTC One. Yes, LG did make the backing on this phone look great, however, to the touch you will feel the plastic hollow feel that comes with the lighter version. Is it a downside on the feeling? Yes, however, it does come with a removable battery and micro SD slot which is a major upgrade from the G2. Overall the backing again is not a deal breaker, it gives more benefits than anything.

Alright, now what everyone has been waiting for! Time to dive right into the details of the software itself. As many of you know, the G2 had a terrible issue with the interface. LG took a big step in the right direction, firstly they uncluttered the heck out of the home screen, they changed the actual appearance of the applications and design, they took all the best details from HTC, Samsung and Apple and applied it to their own design. They definitely have given you an easy and smooth ability to navigate through the handset.


My favorite part of the upgraded phone has got to be the new camera. The 13MP camera that has been added to the G3 is the fastest focusing camera on the market. LG has added a “laser focus” which allows the camera to focus faster than any other out there currently. It uses a laser guided system instead of the old school method of contrast shifts and all that mumbo jumbo. Another featur I LOVE is that the front facing camera is now titled “Selfie”! I am a guy who loves to take selfies, and I am happy to admit it. The G3 Selfie camera is built in with a new flash feature, which sadly isn’t an led flash but instead lights up the screen in a white light and allows much better pictures in dim lit areas.


Now to cover the ins and outs of the bad boy. The battery life is amazing as expected. With the 3000 mAh battery it was able to provide me life all day long with moderate use and the screen dimmed. The audio is stunning as well, provided that it will take files and put them into HiFi type. Again the interface is a much needed upgrade and has given people options that they wanted in the G2.

Overall this phone is a big step up for LG, they have made some great choices in the design and this should pay off well for them. The screen is a bit much but it does offer stunning video and details on images, the camera is wonderful and is able to fulfill your need for HQ photos and avoid having to constantly carry around a DSLR, the battery life will take you through the day without the constant need to search for an outlet and finally the interface is loaded with features that will keep you occupied and keep you happy. This is a phone that will last a great amount of time and won’t be replaced by the next big thing so easily. Head on over to Verizon Wireless and check it out and all the great phones they have to offer.

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  • Nice upgrade from the G2, probably the best phone I have used in a while.