SearchLock: Is It Worth the Installation?

Posted on Jul 27 2015 - 12:12pm by Bryan


There are a lot of browser extensions available nowadays, but the choices can seem overwhelming. Some of them claim that they help make your browsing experience easier while others claim that they help make sure that your web browsing is protected and not tracked. Enter SearchLock.

What exactly is SearchLock?

SearchLock is both a browser extension as well as a search engine for the Chrome, Firefox and Safari web browsers. It provides you with protection in such a way that your privacy is kept safe while you’re searching online. The safety net here is that it prevents your web searches from getting tracked since it helps you avoid known tracking risks.

Have you ever worried about being tracked while you surfed the web? That is of paramount concern for any user.

Did you know that the searches you do on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines are stored and tied to your personal info? Governments, ISP’s, some of the sites you visit, and hackers could get access to this vital and personal information and could literally view the searches you have done for the past few months if they wanted to.

Moreover, even your school or your workplace can keep an eye on your search queries. In short, you don’t have anonymity when it comes to web searches and your search history can reveal a lot about yourself.

Many have searched the web about family as well as legal issues, advice on relationships, info on medical conditions, and the like. Are you comfortable knowing that someone is storing such info and can use it at their own discretion?

This is where SearchLock comes into play.

SearchLock was developed during the early months of 2014 as a response to the number of growing privacy issues of many internet users the world over. According to the developer, the combination of browser extension together with a privacy-friendly search engine is designed to make sure that you obtain an additional level of online privacy and avoid search tracking.

So far so good? Well, it gets better.

While you’re browsing the web, SearchLock protects you from a wide array of privacy risks. It’s like a barrier that stands between you and the aforementioned search engines which track your web searches.

It makes use of patented technology when it comes to detecting when your searches may be tracked. Afterwards, SearchLock will then cut off your searches and will then redirect them to its privacy-enhanced search engine results page before getting tracked. What’s more is that this particular browser extension prevents keystroke logging by the popular search engines and internet service providers, or ISP’s, from tracking your search terms, encrypting your queries with not just SSL, but SSL with perfect forward secrecy as well.

The SearchLock search engine does not keep your search history.

Now, there are some who may question if SearchLock is malware or anything to that effect. After some investigation, I feel confident stating that it is 100 percent safe and does not pose any threat whatsoever.

SearchLock is not bundled with freeware. It doesn’t cause popups and can’t sneak into your computer. It also doesn’t request or collect any personal information. For this reason, you can be sure that it won’t cause any viruses or lead to identity theft. Just like other Chrome extensions, you need to click and confirm in order to install SearchLock. It is also easily uninstallable should you decide you do not want it.

No malware, no bundling of other programs, none of the other shady things that several nasty posts accuse SearchLock of. Why have the authors written these posts? It seems that they are able to earn a large sales commission from the “uninstaller” or “cleaner” software they are promoting.

There have been a number of users who have enjoyed the privacy that SearchLock has given them. Their comments include:

  1. “It does what it says it does.”
  2. “The website where you can download the extension is honest in providing secure search experiences that don’t include getting tracked, unlike what the bigger, more well known search engines do.”
  3. “I started using it at a whim because why not. It hasn’t failed me since.”
  4. “It’s as secure a search portal as they come. Whoever gave it a negative rating probably hasn’t made that much use of it.”

Aside from these positive reviews, you’ll be glad to know that SearchLock has earned a “Trusted Download” certification from TRUSTe since May of 2015.

So, is it worth the installation? The reviews and the certification certainly speak for themselves.

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