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Editor in ChiefBryan

Xbox 360 gamer, System Engineer, and all around tech junkie.  Whats the one thing pretty much everyone has in common?  We all love gadgets and gizmo’s!  I started GizmoFusion so everyone has a place they can come to read up, learn, and experience the latest and greatest the tech world has to offer.  We are gamers.  We are tech junkies.  I hope you enjoy the site as much as we love bringing it to you.  Have a question about something?  Comment regarding the site?  Think we can do a better job?  All my contact info is below.  Reach out to me or the rest of the staff anytime.


Twitter: @RiseAgainstOdds

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Editor-In-Chief – Ben

Ben is the Editor-In-Chief  for Gizmofusion. Ben is also the owner of Cerebral-Overload, and a Verizon Wireless Tech Reviewer for  Ben’s love of gadgets came from his lack of a Nintendo Game Boy when he was a child . Ben vowed from that day on to get his hands on as many tech products as possible. Ben’s approach to a review is to make it informative for the technofile while still making it understandable to everyone. Ben is a new voice in the tech industry and is looking to make a mark wherever he goes. When not reviewing products products Ben is also a 911 Telecommunicator just outside of Pittsburgh PA.


Twitter: @GizmoBoaks


Editor/Lead ReviewerAndrew

Names Andrew, I’ve been into computers and gaming since I was a kid with my commador 64. It has always been a passion of mine.Then I started to get into smartphones and now I am just addicted to everything tech. If you ever have computer issues I am the one to come to. I also am now getting into car tech and home audio and visual tech. Some of my other pass times are paint-balling, air-soft, hockey, RC Drift racing, and video games. Below you can find my gamertag and email if you every want to get in touch! Hope you enjoy all our hard work here at Gizmofusion!


Twitter: @Andrew_GizmoF

Skype: Andrew.Kwirant


Product Review Manager/Global Communications Manager/Editor – Ty

Growing up all I ever wanted to do was play on my computer, or disassemble some kind of electronic device. It didn’t matter if I could put it back together I just wanted to see it’s insides. Nowadays I am an Android God, PR master, lover of all things awesome, product review manager and love to sail the seas on the internet. Arrrrrg you ready for some awesome news? Well you better be! In the meantime if you want to know anything just send an email to me through the link below!

Xbox Live:  Black Person686


IOS Editor – Danielle

I am Danielle. I have always been a huge computer user as far as I can remember. I was able to fix a computer from a very young age, and have been using computers my entire life, even back before the internet because popular. I am currently in college with another year left, but in my free time I am a tech junkie. I have an Android phone, iPad, Desktop PC, Laptop PC, Apple TV, blu-ray player with built-in wireless, and I love video games. If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to email me, follow me on Twitter,  or add me on gtalk .

Twittter: @xhearmeout

Editor – Kyle

I have been interested in technology since I was old enough to play NES and have been taking gadgets apart since I learned how to use a screwdriver. I have BS in Management Information Systems with a minor in Finance and Banking. I currently work for a telecommunication company, own a small home and car audio business, do computer repair and web design, and also am currently working on a few .com startups. I am interested in anything related to technology but mainly Android and anything mobile.  I am also very interested in cars and everything related to them.  Feel free to contact me with any tech questions or just to chat.

Twittter: @kyleamorris