Best 7 Power Supplies for GTX 1080 [Expert Reviews]

Since its release in 2016, the GTX 1080 has been a favorite among the gaming community. Its powerful performance can run pretty much every game in ultra settings and this graphics card shows no sign of falling behind in today’s market anytime soon, handling the more advanced and graphic-intense VR games.

Quick Summary


Best Overall

Seasonic SSR-600TL power supplySeasonic SSR-600TL
  • WATTAGE: 600W
  • RATING: 80 Plus Titanium

Best 550W

Seasonic SSR-550FX
  • WATTAGE: 550W
  • RATING: 80 Plus GOLD

550W Runner Up

EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2
  • WATTAGE: 550W
  • RATING: 80 Plus GOLD

600W Runner Up

Corsair SF600 Platinum
  • WATTAGE: 600W
  • RATING: 80 Plus Titanium

Best 650W

Seasonic SSR-650PX
  • WATTAGE: 650W
  • RATING: 80 Plus Titanium

Best 750W

Corsair RM750x
  • WATTAGE: 750W
  • RATING: 80 Plus Gold

Best 450W

Corsair CX450M
  • WATTAGE: 450W
  • RATING: 80 Plus Bronze

For such an impressive graphics card you would think you would need an even more impressive and much more expensive power supply, but this really isn’t the case. As long as your system isn’t overclocked, this card should actually be able to run on a high quality 500-550 watt power supply.

This means there are many power supplies on the market right now that are compatible with the GPU, but which is the best?

The list below is our top 7 power supplies for the GTX 1080. These PSUs vary in wattage capabilities because one system will demand more power than another.

The Top PSUs For The GTX 1080 in 2022

So what is the best power supply for GTX 1080? It is the Seasonic SSR-600TL. This is a great power supply because it is fanless which helps to keep noise levels down, which is a good thing when gaming. It is also fully modular and offers efficient power consumption.

You can read more about our top pick by scrolling down a touch.

Seasonic SSR-600TL power supply

1. Seasonic SSR-600TL (Editor’s top pick)

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 600W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Titanium | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 12-year

Low power consumption
Fully modular
Multi-GPU enabled
Minor rails aren’t particularly strong

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The 600 watt Seasonic SSR-600TL promises to deliver two things: power and performance. Awarded an 80 Plus Titanium efficiency certification, this stands out in the market as a very powerful and very power efficient component, doing this all while remaining completely fanless.

This holds the highest title of 80 Plus Titanium efficiency, with its 94% efficiency at 50% load. Not only does being fanless mean the Seasonic SSR-600TL completely eradicates noise, but it also has the highest power output on the fanless power supply market, making it some pretty impressive equipment.

The output voltage of the Seasonic SSR-600TL is kept within a small range, maintaining under 0.5% load regulation. This makes it the perfect power supply for high-performance systems and matches nicely with the GTX 1080, which is usually utilized in these high-performance systems.

You may wonder how the Seasonic SSR-600TL manages to remain so powerful while also being fanless. It works by replacing the fans with passive cooling based on the heat dissipation. Meaning not only do you receive the bonus of a silent power supply, but there is also less power consumption.

The Seasonic SSR-600TL is also Multi-GPU, meaning you are able to use up to two graphics cards.

However, if you purchase this solely for the fact that you can use 2 graphics cards at once you may be disappointed to learn that you will not be able to use two GTX 1080’s. This graphics card is too power-hungry to run two of them at once on a 600w power supply. Although you can use 2 less power-hungry graphics cards no problem.

The Seasonic SSR-600TL is also fully modular, meaning you have full control over the cables.


2. Seasonic SSR-550FX Focus Plus Gold (Runner up but still an impressive PSU)

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 550W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus GOLD | Modularity: Non | Warranty: 10-year

No cables
Silent Fan control
Over complicated

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The Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550 (watt) is the second best power supply for the GTX 1080 on our list and offers 50w less power than our top pick.

It achieves an 80 PLUS Gold certification with 90% efficiency at 50% system load, meaning it does not dissipate high amounts of wasted heat. The use of this power supply almost guarantees no annoying PC shutdowns due to overheating.

This is very impressive considering that the Focus Plus uniquely does not make use of wires. Instead, it is connected to the back panel and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) by a copper plate, meaning less chance of production errors during insertion and improved output power quality. Continuing with its trend of unique features, the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550 also has Hybrid Silent Fan Control.

This is the industry’s first three-phased thermal control, functioning in three operational stages; Fanless, Silent and Cooling Mode.  This has many benefits, including reduced noise and fan life longevity due to reduced fan rotations. You can also count on the reliability of the FDB fans within the Seasonic focus plus gold 550 as they use the absorbance effects of oil. The oil lubrication of the fan’s surface means less friction and so lowers the consumption of power.

Once more a desirable feature of the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550 is the fact that it remains fanless until it reaches a 30% load, meaning once again it saves on power and reduces noise. However, when paired with the GTX 1080 this feature is left redundant as this load is exceeded very quickly.

Another thing that can be said to be at fault with the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550 is it’s gold plated connectors. The gold conducts electricity poorer than copper, meaning that the CPU will be more strained when powering up, compromising other components in the PC.

The only benefit of using the gold is the fact it will tarnish less, raising the question of whether or not the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold 550 falls victim to favoring physical appearance and taking claim of innovation over practicality.


3. EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 (3rd pick)

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 550W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus GOLD | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 7-year

Japanese capacitors
Eco Control fan
Only excels on low to medium load

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This 550 watt, 80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency power supply promises to deliver clean and continuous power to every component of your PC. With fully modular cabling and the highest quality Japanese capacitors, the EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 does not compromise on quality, power or reliability.

With its full DC to DC Resonant Circuit design, the EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 ensures it will not fall under the pressure of a beefy operating system, maintaining a full 90% efficiency, meaning a respectably low heat loss.

This really packs a punch, with a large 12-volt rail this PSU provides plenty of power to fuel all of your hardware. Promising superb power output and rail stability, this has a lot to offer in terms of compatibility with the GPU.

Though it only has 550 watts, the EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 really is the top low wattage option available on the market to match up with a none overclocked GTX 1080 as it does not crumble under the pressure of overheating due to it Eco control fan system. However, this is only the case when operating on a low to medium load.

Once more this is realistically going to be the case for all low watt power supplies, so if intense gameplay is what you desire, it’s probably worth getting a power supply in the higher watt bracket.


4. Corsair SF600 Platinum

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 600W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Titanium | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 7-year

Easy to fix
Loud fans
Generally unimpressive

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The Corsair SF600 Platinum joins the Seasonic SSR-600tl in being 80 PLUS Platinum certified, promising to power the world’s best small form factor PCs. This 600 watt power supply is fully modular, making routing the wires easier and overall providing that sleek sleeved appearance.

Something that can be expected from Corsair, in general, is longevity and consistent power performance, this is due to the Japanese 105’C Capacitors which are known for their reliability. Because of this, when you buy the Corsair SF600 Platinum, you are also completely buying quality.

An issue with the Corsair SF600 Platinum is that it doesn’t offer the alluring silence of many of the other power supplies listed, only staying quiet at low and medium loads. For those using the GTX 1080, it is almost certain that you’ll be on higher loads, so if quiet gameplay is something that you value, the Corsair SF600 Platinum probably isn’t for you.

What is unique about the Corsair SF600 Platinum is that internally it replaces wires for soldered PCBs. This means that the Corsair SF600 Platinum has extremely stable voltages and low electrical noise.

The use of PCBs is also very beneficial in the long run, as it makes it easier for technicians to diagnose and repair problems, saving you money in the long run. However, nothing about the Corsair SF600 Platinum really makes it stand out in the PSU market when pairing it up with the GTX 1080.

The 600 watts offered is plenty to make sure the graphics card isn’t underpowered, but nothing else about the Corsair SF600 Platinum really seems impressive. It is however reliable and easy to repair, which for those not using this graphics card for intensive gameplay, may be more valuable.

5. Seasonic SSR-650PX FOCUS Plus Platinum

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 650W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Titanium | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10-year

Low power waste
Not much different from the Hybrid

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Like previous Seasonic PSUs, the Seasonic SSR-650PX FOCUS Plus Platinum achieves an 80 PLUS Platinum rating, with its 92% efficiency at 50% load. It also implements the design of using a copper plate to connect to the back panels in place of wires, this lowers production errors and improves the quality of the power output.

The Seasonic SSR-650PX FOCUS Plus Platinum also brags the same Hybrid Silent Fan Control as the Seasonic Hybrid plus gold 550, with so many shared features it begs the question – what is the difference between the two?

To start with the  Seasonic SSR-650PX holds 650 watts as opposed to the Hybrid Plus’ 550. This means that with the  Seasonic SSR-650PX there is automatically less worry of the graphics card being underpowered, but when you look at the GTX 1080, that doesn’t really matter.

This graphics card can run fine on a power supply that holds even 500-550 watts as long as it’s not overclocked.

This means that either of the two would work perfectly, however deciding between which one would work best for you depends completely on the rest of your rig and PC setup as you may have some other components that are in fact watt hungry and thus require a higher wattage.

Another difference between the two is the efficiency, the Hybrid being Gold certified in comparison to the Seasonic SSR-650PX certification, meaning overall the FOCUS Plus saves on power.

This means the Seasonic SSR-650PX is a good PSU for the Nvidia GTX 1080 for those using the GPU for bulkier and more intensive gameplay, but for those not using it in the more advanced settings, the Hybrid would suffice just as well and would save you a bit of extra money to invest into other aspects of your gaming experience.


6. Corsair RM750x

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 750W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Gold | Modularity: Full | Warranty: 10-year

Holds more than enough power
Far more than this GPU will ever need

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The Corsair RM750x is the most powerful on this list, coming in at 750 watts with an 80 PLUS gold certification, this power supply can handle some of the most powerful graphics cards on the market. The fully modular cables make PC builds and upgrades easy.

The PLUS Gold efficient power also means that no excess power and heat is produced and wasted, meaning this powerful and is also kind to your bank balance.  The Corsair RM750x is also available with 850 watts, meaning there is room for even more powerful gameplay.

Surprisingly for a power supply with such a punch, the Corsair RM750x is conveniently compact, coming in at 160mm long, meaning there are no installation worries as with other models at a similar capacity. What the Corsair RM750x also offers is Zero RPM fan mode, meaning the fan doesn’t turn on unless it needs to.

However, as previously stated, for those using the GeForce GTX 1080 this is probably redundant as the silent fans are only available in low loads, but for those not pushing their PC’s to their limits- it is possible to enjoy some silent operation time. Reliability can also be guaranteed while using the Corsair RM750x as its premium internal components ensure solid power delivery without breaking easily.

Though a 750 wattage is impressive, it isn’t necessary considering the 1080 can run perfectly fine on 400-550 watts when not overclocked. What seems to be left misunderstood about power supplies is that a high wattage will not increase the performance of your computer or your GPU.

The PSU’s purpose is simply to enable the function and thus exceeding the necessary amount of watts is just a waste. Your standard gaming PC simply just does not need this much power. Due to the increased efficiency of computer components over the years, it is very unlikely that you’ll ever need more than 850 Watts and even that is an absolute push.

Arguably it is important to buy a power supply with wattage slightly over what is recommended for your particular rig as overtime features such as capacitors begin to degrade as it ages, meaning having that little range means less need to replace in the future. Models such as the Corsair AX1000 (1000 watts) and the Corsair AX16001 (1600 watts) would be considered a waste as most standard gaming PC’s peak at around 350-400 watts.

If anything, if you are not overclocking the GPU and CPU, buying a PSU with such an excessive wattage would only mean you are wasting power due to heat excess and in the long run, are completely unnecessary.

This means you’re because of these reasons, I would suggest you choose one of the lower watt models on this list because the chances are the Corsair RM750x will never be used to its full potential while paired with the GTX 1080. But for anyone who plans on running an overclocked and very energy-hungry gaming system, then this is the best power supply for your needs.


7. Corsair CX450M (If you decide on this cheaper option proceed with caution)

Form factor: ATX | Capacity: 450W | Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Bronze | Modularity: Semi | Warranty: 5-year

Low budget
Lower power waste
Not great when paired with a powerful rig
Loud fans when pushed

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A PSU is something that you don’t really want to compromise on and it can be difficult to find one that doesn’t break the bank while still offering security for the rest of your PC components. The Corsair CX450M may be the exception to that.

As one of the lower budget options on the market, you really can’t go wrong with the Corsair CX450M. For the more basic of systems, the CX450M has you covered, promising high reliability and an impressive 80 PLUS Bronze certified efficiency.

This means the CX450M provides a high-efficiency operation for less excess heat and lower operating costs. For PC’s operating at a low or medium load, the CX450M has a silent operation due to the thermally controlled fans.

For those who appreciate a tidier and sleeker look, the CX450M has modular cables, which means not only does it look cleaner- but it makes upgrades easier and helps with overheating due to the lack of cluttering in the case. But do all of the redeeming features of the CX450M make it the best match for the GTX 1080?

To put it plainly, no. Though it is possible for the GTX 1080 to run on 450 watts, this is only possible if the PC is not overclocked and the rest of the components of the PC are not watt hungry.

Realistically if you are using this GPU you are going to be using some other pretty heavy components in order to achieve a desired gaming experience. The CX450M’s other desirable aspects, such as silent fan operation will be lost when operating on a high load, something that would be expected.

Though, if you choose to use the GTX 1080 on a lower scale, this PSU could work just fine and with a five-year warranty in a fast-evolving technological sector, you are guaranteed a reliable operation that will last across several system rebuilds.

It really depends on your build and what you want to get from the GPU, either way, the Corsair CX450M is certainly a viable option.

So what is the best power supply for GTX 1080 to power most gaming setups comfortably?

Now that we have talked about the top 7 power supplies on this list it is time to choose the winner. Our top pick is the Seasonic SSR-600TL, for a number of reasons. The main 2 reasons being, that it is silent due to it being fanless and its multi GPU enabled.

It is always a good idea to keep the noise levels to a minimum, so the fact that it is fanless is a massive plus point.  The ability to add a second graphics card is also a huge positive. On top of this, it is fully modular and comes with a 12-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the GTX 1080 Still Good for Gaming?

Even though this card is old it is still very powerful and can handle 1080p and 1440p gaming well.

You can read more about whether or not the GTX 1080 is still good by clicking the link.

Is a 550w PSU enough for GTX 1080?

In many cases yes it is. But this is dependant on the system setup. The best thing that you can do to be sure is to use a power supply calculator that you can find online, to determine exactly what type of power supply you need.

You simply add all the PC parts into the calculator and it will tell you exactly how many Watts your system will need.

Is 600 watts enough for GTX 1080?

In most cases, I would say that yes this is enough. But again this is more dependent on the other PC parts that will work alongside the 1080. It’s impossible to give a yes or no answer because of this.

Have you ever encountered your PSU making a clicking noise? If you haven’t you should read our guide which discusses causes and fixes, so you are prepared incase it ever does happen in the future.

What Power Supply Do I Need For The GTX 1080?

Here is a link to an online calculator, that will show you your PSU wattage needs, which will show you how to choose the right power supply for the GTX 1080. Simply enter all of the components of the system and it will calculate the overall power consumption of your computer.

It may be a good idea to learn about the GTX 1080 power requirements so that you can choose the PSU that suits your individual setup.

The Verdict

To conclude, overall when looking for the best PSU for the GTX 1080 you really need to look at the rest of the components in your setup in order to make the right decision.

But what is definite is that excessive wattage power supplies are completely unnecessary and are not worth purchasing and so it is advised to look at models with high efficiency coming in at around the 550-650 watt mark.

I know we recommend a 450w power supply on the list above but that is only if on a budget and if the rest of the system isn’t to power-hungry. You may scratch your head at this but if you search on gaming forums you will see that some people are using high-quality 450w models successfully with the GTX 1080.

So although this is possible, our recommendation would be to avoid it if you can afford a few more dollars and buy a more powerful option.

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