Can a Laptop Be Charged Through USB Port? (Learn the facts before you run out of power)

So you may well wonder whether it is possible to charge your laptop with a USB or not. Normally, it is your smartphone or tablet that you charge via USB, but how about your laptop?

You can charge your laptop via USB Type-C but not from the widespread USB Type-A. This is because the Type-C is capable of delivering way more power than USB-Type-A.

The USB Type-A is capable of charging much smaller devices, but a laptop is beyond its capabilities.

Over the years, technology has evolved so much. In days gone by, USB could only be used by thumb drives, charging your small gadgets, and connecting your devices to your computer via USB cable.

But nowadays USB has proven to be a very versatile tool. Many devices have now started to utilize the ability of USB. It is now used on items such as portable lamps, portable desk fans, air humidifiers, and other gadgets.

But with the evolution of technology, you can now also charge your laptop via USB, and the process of charging your computer with a USB is actually quite simple.

But unfortunately, not all types of USB are compatible with charging your laptop. So what are these different types of USB that we are referring to?

Since we have different types of USBs, in this section we will discuss them individually, and determine whether or not you can charge your laptop with them.

USB Type-A

USB Type-A is by far the most common USB type. It is found in almost every device, such as laptops, gaming laptops, and desktop PCs, and it can utilize both USB 2.0 and 3.0.

a USB type A cable end

When I hear someone say USB, the first thing that comes to mind will be the USB Type-A.

It can also be found on your smartphone and tablet plug socket chargers, with either a USB Type-B or Type-C on one end and Type-A on the other.

Even desktop motherboards and PC cases have multiple built-in USB Type-A to cater to your every need.

But despite being the most widely used, USB Type-A is not capable of delivering enough juice to your laptop, so, therefore, it cannot be used for charging your laptop. However, USB Type-A is still a great option for transferring data, and it will surely stay with us for years to come.

USB Type-C

The next USB, that we have is the USB Type-C. You can think of this one as an upgraded version of USB Type-A.

a USB type C cable end

It can transfer data much faster than USB Type-A, and it has twice the transfer rate of USB 3.0.

In addition to that, USB Type-C can also carry more power than the traditional Type-A, which makes it possible for you to charge your laptop with it. Even some modern-day laptops use USB Type-C as their standard charger.

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How to Charge Your Laptop Using USB Type-C

Charging your laptop using a USB Type-C cable is actually pretty easy. Here are the things that you will need:

  • USB Type-C cable
  • USB Type-C power adapter
  • A power outlet (obviously)

Once you have these tools at hand, charging your laptop with USB Type-C couldn’t be easier. Below are the 3 easy steps that anyone can follow.

  1. So the first thing that you are going to do is to attach one end of the USB Type-C cable into the power adapter.
  2. Once it’s connected, plug it into the power outlet.
  3. Next, plug the other end of the Type-C cable into your laptop.

And that’s it. It is so easy that even those who don’t feel comfortable with technology and computers should be able to do it. It’s just like charging your mobile phone.

Another good thing about a USB Type-C cable is that it is also capable of fast charging smartphones.

When I am now looking to buy a new gadget or piece of technology these days, I go out of my way to make sure that the device is USB Type-C compatible.

This is because they will charge so much faster, which is great as it can be inconvenient waiting for a device to charge for many hours.

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